Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DIY ideas to embellish gifts using tape

It's been a long time since I posted a gift wrapping idea so I thought I will share some ideas to embellish your gifts using tape. This will come handy to you when you don't have any ribbon or you ran out of ribbon or just want to try something different to decorate your gifts. These ideas will not only help you survive this holiday season but it will be useful year long.

Use tape to make ribbons

Using clear tape to decorate gifts:

Shipping tape:

Step 1: Stick the desired measure of packing tape sticky side up on a table (bend the sides to stick to the table or cutting mat).

Step 2: Stick the sequins on the tape. You can do one row of sequins or two rows as shown. If you do one row, you can just fold the remaining tape over the sequins to make it as ribbon. If you use two rows of sequins, use another tape on the top to complete the sequined tape. 

Step 3: Use the sequined tape to decorate your gifts. Below are some of the ways you can decorate. 

Packing tape: 

Step 1: Stick the desired measure of packing tape sticky side up on a table(as shown in the previous step 1) with some kind of paper below to catch the sequins and glitter.(I used cutting mat). 

Step 2: Pour the sequins and sprinkle glitter on top of the tape.Use another layer of tape on top to secure.  

Step 3: Make a bow using the sequined tape. I used double-sided tape to secure the bow.If you don't have the double-sided tape you can just use the packing tape and roll a small piece of tape to make it double-sided and use that to secure. 

Using washi tape:

Step 1: Cut three pieces of tape- 2 pieces around 3" length and one around 5". The length varies depending on the size of your gift. 

Step 2: Shape the corners using craft knife or scissors. 

Step 3: Take a piece of tape and paste the middle part alone by fanning out the corners as shown. Do this to all the three pieces. Then glue the pieces of the gift. Use another contrasting color tape and secure all the three pieces together in the middle. Cute washi tape bow is ready. 

Using duct tape:

I used a strip of duct tape folded together, leaving the ends sticky by cutting a square at the corner. Then folded like the number 8. Made four pieces of them and stacked them up. Then glued a small piece of tape in the center. You can see the step by step pictures and instructions, for the twisty bow here

Which one is your favorite type of bow? Have you faced a situation where you ran out of ribbon or any of the wrapping supplies while wrapping presents? How did you tackle the situation? Share with me in the comments below. 

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  2. I love the creative ways to embellish gifts. I'll have to give the shipping tape a try next time I wrap a present. #HomeMattersParty

  3. Ooh, these are really cool bow ideas! I love the black and white chevron bow. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)

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