Other Crafts


5 ways to customize mobile chargers

Customized Earphones DIY

Eyeglass case makeover

Glam your Hair Accessories

DIY Flowers & Vase

Some makeovers & Good finds

Notebook Makeover & How to add pen holder to notebook

Revamped dollar store pen holder

Pen holder with magazine papers

Glass Etching DIY

Clock Makeover

Kitchen storage cabinet makeover

Thrift table table makeover under $3

Dressing table makeover with chalky paint

How to paint an umbrella

Bookshelf Makeover - How to add curtains to bookshelf

Floor Lamp Makeover

Card Making Crafts

Personalized New year pop up card

DIY Mother's day card

Scratch off V day card

How to make snowman penny slider card

DIY Pull up Snowman gift card holder

DIY Invisible Letter Card for Valentine's Day

how to make Shaker cards
Miscellaneous Crafts

Newspaper Folder

Double Decker Quilled Jewelry box

My First try with Wood burning

DIY Memo board

Different ways to display photos

How to Dye-IY shoes

DIY Stained glass Candle Holder

3 ways to bring your digital photos to real life

DIY Chalkboard Fall Banner

Soy Candle Making - How to & Don'ts

DIY Wood Animal Ornaments less than $1

DIY Cubes Calendar inspired by MoMA

How to make monthly Calendar

DIY jewelry dish using air dry clay

Love in a box - Personalized gift

DIY Paper Dahlia

DIY Luggage Tag using Duct Tape

Old is gold theme party essentials & DIYs
Make your Home made cakes personalized using laminator

DIY Bookends with Organizers

How to make Ribbon Pumpkins

DIY Flameless Fire pit

DIY Travel inspired ornament

DIY christmas ornaments using temporary tattoos

DIY "JOY" Christmas garland using perler beads

DIY Month/date Perpetual Calendar

How to use Metal Alphabet Stamps to create Designs & Textures

DIY Easter Baskets that aren't baskets

DIY Easter Baskets from Cereal box & Milk Jug

20+ DIY ideas to do with photos

DIY Perler beads key holder

DIY Plant Markers

10 Last Minute mother's day gifts that are easy to make

DIY coasters using popsicle- 2 ways(Wood burning & Painting)

DIY Laminated placemats

DIY Color Changing T-shirts

DIY Magnetic Leather pen holder

DIY Perler beads fruit bowl

DIY Liquid pencil case

How to foil on fabrics using Decofoil


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