Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DIY Chokers (4 styles)

Choker necklaces have been in trend for past couple of years. I have been seeing many people wearing them lately so I thought it's time to share how to make it yourself. These simple choker necklaces are quite expensive when you buy them at stores but today I will show 4 different styles you can make them yourself. Let's see how.
How to make different styles choker necklaces

Simple Choker:

Materials Used:
Velvet ribbon - 12.5"
Ribbon clasps - 2
Jump rings - 2
Lobster clasp - 1
Extension link (optional)

Step 1: Use the pliers and attach the ribbon clasp at the ends of the ribbon.

Step 2: Use pliers to open the jump rings. On one side, attach a jump ring and lobster clasp. On other side, you can just attach a jump ring alone or you can attach jump ring with extension link. The Standard size of a Choker is 13" but with the extension link, you can increase the size if you want to. 

Wrapped style Choker:

Materials Used:

Suede leather cord - 5 (12.5" pieces)
Ribbon Clasps -2
Jump rings - 3
Lobster clasp - 1
Pendant Charm -1
Extension link

Step 1: Arrange the suede leather cord and attach the ribbon clasp to secure one end. Now add a jump ring to the charm and add the charm to one of the suede (Preferably the last one from the top). Then add the another ribbon clasp to the other end. Follow the same procedure as discussed in the simple Choker(Step 2) to add the closure on either side to complete the necklace. 

I love how free flowing and stylish this choker looks. It looks as if the cord is wrapped around the neck but it is not. Do you like this style?

Layered Choker with necklace:

Materials Used:
0.5" leather piece - 12.5"
Ribbon Clasps - 2
Jump rings - 3
Pendant Charm - 1
Lobster Clasp - 1
Chain - 13.5"
Extension link

Step 1: Make a simple choker necklace. 

Step 2: Open the jump ring on the either side,(the ones already attached to the ribbon clasp to make the closure) add the chain into it and close it. Add the pendant charm to a jump ring and add it to the chain to complete the layered choker with the necklace. 

Choker with inline necklace:

Materials Used:

0.5" leather piece - 12.5"
Ribbon clasps - 1
Jump rings - 3
Pendant charm - 1
Lobster clasp - 1
Beading wire
Crimp beads - 2
Needle and thread

Step 1: Make the simple choker necklace. 

Step 2: Make two holes on either side of the leather piece around 2.5" from the center as shown using the needle. String the beading wire with beads and add a pendant charm to the center as you normally do.Add beads to the beading wire so that the length perfectly matches the distance between the holes.Add a crimp bead on either side.  

Step 3: String one side of the wire using a needle.Use two holes and go through them from the front to the back and again from the back to the front through the other hole as shown. Now, string the loose end of the wire into the crimp bead. use pliers to crimp the bead to lock the string in place. Cut the remaining wire. Repeat the same on the other side. 

Thread the needle with a black thread and stitch the necklace with the leather piece. This step is optional. The leather I used was so soft so I stitched the necklace in order to prevent it from sagging. But you can avoid this step if you don't want to or if you are using a stiff leather. The choker with inline necklace is now complete. 

How easy is to make these DIY choker styles? Which one is your favorite? Hope you like this tutorial. Share your thoughts in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. If you are into Jewelry making, you might like my class on "How to make stamped clay jewelry"(ref).


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