Friday, September 18, 2020

Home Matters Linky Party #300

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Home Matters Linky Party #299

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Everything you need to know about setting up a Navaratri golu, golu dolls, DIY golu stand, kolams & more.

Navaratri is one of my favorite festivals and I always look forward to it every year. In my mother's house, there were huge golu steps that start near the ceiling and end up in the ground 10 feet from the starting point. Since it was a huge process that we couldn't manage as years went by, my mom donated it to a nearby temple. But the storage of the dolls and stands were in our house when I was growing up. Every year, a group of friends and I take those dolls from my house to the temple for the golu setup. That was one of my fond memory. After all those transporting stuff, I used to set up a mini-park with a sand base with items available from our house golu collection. There wasn't any big change in this setup every year, we do little tweaks here and there. 

After getting married and coming to the US, I totally missed celebrating this festival. While I was in the Newyork the first four years of my marriage we didn't have many friends and I was told not to accumulate stuff as we would move anytime anywhere and lugging things is not practical. Due to this statement, I was hesitating to start getting golu dolls. One year, just for the sake of getting the vibe I set it up with the polymer clay dolls that I made during that time. 

Then one year, I think 2015 I decided I wanted to keep golu and I will do in such a way I will pack all my golu things in one small carton box, which is the birth of my mini golu. Traditional, even if people can't set up a big golu, they usually set up a mini one with 5 or 6 golu dolls but personally, I wanted to do something in a unique and different way. So, I said my mother-in-law to keep all the big usual golu dolls made of earthen clay & some with plaster of Paris that my mom gave me and I started with a fresh idea of this mini golu. This mini golu is something different and I have moved 3 times with this golu without worrying about my dolls getting damaged or anything and I am happy that I decided it. 

If you wanted to follow my route of setting up a mini golu, I will share all the details of how I have been doing it. This is not a one-time thing and it definitely takes years to slowly build your golu dolls collection but for that, you need not keep holding off from setting up golu. I promise this golu is so easy to pack, worry-free, lightweight, fits in your palm, and dolls don't occupy much space if you decide to bring it from India. This golu is perfect for the apartments and also with younger kids around as you can easily set it up on the top of a table. Now let's get into the details. 

Friday, September 4, 2020

Home Matters Linky Party #297

Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

How to make a laptop cover from Bubble mailer - Bubble mailer uses

 I love repurposing things. I always wanted to find different ways to use the bubble mailer in which we received our Amazon packages. I have used them as a gift package and as safe storage for my clay creations. I bought a new laptop case to store my laptop when I first purchased it,  later as I didn't use much the case much as I am home most of the time. So, I gave it to my brother-in-law when he got a new laptop. Now, when I want to carry my laptop to my friend's house or somewhere I needed a protection cover for my laptop so I thought I will make a laptop cover using a bubble mailer. Let's see how.