Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to sew baby head support pillow

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When I had my baby boy in June, I was searching for a support pillow when he travels in the car seat as he was a tiny baby as a newborn and came across the complete head and body support pillow from the summer in amazon. I really liked the head support but the body support from that didn't suit my baby boy as he outgrew that in 2.5 months. We needed one for the car seat and one for the rocker. I was constantly forgetting(Baby brain you see :P) to take it from the rocker to car seat and vice versa. So, I decided it is time to make one myself. I think this is the first thing I am making for my baby boy. Even though I have sewn a lot of baby things for friends and family, I couldn't do much for my baby boy as my pregnancy went in moving twice and it took lot of time settling. I am happy that I could finally make something for him. Without much ado, let's get to the making.

DIY head support pillow for baby

Materials Used :
Minky fabric black - 1/2 yard
Patterned fabric - 1/2 yard
Matching thread

Step 1: Print the pattern and join part 1 and 2(Align the black line in the page 2 to page 1 by overlapping page 2 over 1)using a tape to form the complete pattern. Cut along the black line. Now, fold the fabric pieces into half and pin the pattern to the fabric and cut it. 

Step 2: Now pin the fabric pieces, right sides facing each other and sew along the edges leaving 1/2" seam allowance. Leave a gap on one of the side to stuff the filling. Fold the stitched pillow into half and use the template to mark the center part using soluble marker pens. Sew on the marked line. 

Step 3: Stuff the polyester filling inside the pillow using the gap. 

Step 4: Close the gap using a ladder stitch with hand sewing needle and thread. And you're done. 

This is the trial pillow I made. This is a smaller one and will be perfect for a newborn baby. The pattern I have used to make the black pillow is bigger and will be perfect for an year old baby. If you want to make it for a new born or babies in the mid-range of 4 to 9 months, you might want to reduce an inch overall. It is up to you. I am using this size for my almost 5 month old baby, it is perfectly fine and working, just that there is an inch gap on the top side which I am hoping he will outgrow in few months.  

What do you think about this pillow? Isn't it easy? I used the scrap fabrics for making this pillow, that is why you will see an extra stitch in the middle of the pillow.I really love how this turned out.I can't wait to make more of these for my expecting friends and family.If you are starting to learn sewing, this is one such simple project to try. 

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  1. Thanks for providing good idea, Thanks for your sharing.

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  2. Great project. I hope this helps you out so much while he is so little. #HomeMattersParty

  3. What a great idea! I found your pillow craft on #HomeMattersParty today. Pinned it!

  4. A great tutorial, as always, Sahana. Looks like it would be easy for someone who is new to sewing.

  5. What a lucky baby to have such a talented mama that can create and sew. These pillows are so cute, and so useful especially while baby needs the extra support. #HomeMattersParty

  6. What a great idea, Sahana!!! Thanks for sharing with #HomeMattersParty!

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  10. Where can I find the patterns for infant head support & bibs?

  11. How big should the pattern be. I printed it out and it seems big

  12. how do I download the pattern. All I'm getting is 5 different free programs?!



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