Hi !Welcome Again! Glad that you would like to know more about me and  my creative space!

I am Sahana.The girl behind the blog.I am a full time blogger.I started blogging in December 2013 to share my creative projects(DIY), gift wrapping ideas and my first time experiences with new products which may help to make your life simple and creative.

A little more about me,

What made you start this blog ?
I was sharing whatever I created in my facebook profile, which made my friends and relatives say "Wow!!You should create a page and showcase your works to the world" which eventually ended up in a Facebook page called "Vikalpah" in September 2013.After which many wants to know the steps I follow to create my works which ended up here.
Here are some of the comments, which seriously made me think to start this blog.Click on the image to enlarge.

What is "Vikalpah" and How did you came up with the name?
"Vikalpah" means "Variety" in Sanskrit language.I like to experiment and get creative with variety of crafts and so we thought it would be the perfect name and also I wanted a unique name which should sound new to "Google search".(crazy right??)It was not quite easy job to do so, believe me!

Since, when are you making crafts?
I would say since childhood , I used to make small covers for gifting ,greeting cards for cousins birthdays, a little sewing projects learnt from my neighbour, gift wrapping , embroidery ,etc

What is making you do crafts and post regularly?
I always wanted everything around me to be my own creations(May be , I can say that is my dream) which makes me keep creating and sharing it with you people so that you can also get creative and live creatively.

What is your favourite colour ?
Pink,black and white ,gold ,teal,,,,,(I think I can just keep adding).Almost all colours are my favourite .There is no specific colour.It keeps changing and I love to see things colourful rather than in a single colour.

Where do you live?with whom?
Currently I live in New Jersey with the great supporter of "Vikalpah", YES! It is my husband :) and my soon-to-be little helper ->My son who is 6 months old.

Thank you for taking time to read about me and my blog !!

Do you want to know anything else apart from this, shoot a mail to vikalpah@gmail.com.Will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Hi Sahana, I nominated you for Liebster Award. Check out my Liebster Award post for more details. I hope you will accept it and have fun :)
    Let's Make It Lovely

    1. Thank you for Nominating me Roopini :) I am sure that I will have fun :)

  2. Sahana, these are so wonderful and will be a fun, maybe middle of the day project this summer when it's too hot to go outside. Have subscribed to your blog, and looking forward to it.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Rosie :)

  3. Hello , Sahana, I am from Manipal,India. I went through your posts and you seem to have an undying passion for creativity just like me. Keep it up and continue your work.



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