Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to make monthly Calendar

A handmade calendar with different techniques and materials used for each month.I always wanted everything around me to be my creations.I think all crafters would agree. "Variety" and "colourful" are two words that runs in my mind when i do crafts. With that in mind ,I started making this calender.We will see a detail description for each month.Grab a Cup of coffee because this is a quite long post :)Stay relaxed and go through the post :)

January --> Painting
I used a normal painting method using acrylic colours for this month.With an image of penguins holding a Happy New year balloons. I can catch your mind voice.Balloons ,Balloons ,Balloons everywhere!!!Yesss ,Balloons are my favorite and more over I think when they fly colorfully, it brings a kind of happiness . Do you Agree ? :)  

February --> Embroidery
This month reminds me of Valentine's day.So, I created Hearts made of Cross stitches.

Work in progress

March --> Quilling
The month where the Spring season starts ,flowers blossom and the butterflies waiting to suck the honey.Quilling is a art where the stripes of paper are rolled ,shaped and glued together to form an art.This is my second quilling work.Though it was a bit challenging ,I some how made it.In this place, I would like to appreciate my fellow quillers for their great wonderful designs:) :)

April --> Collage & paper cutting
April month is my anniversary month.So, made it a little traditional. Like every religion has their own way of traditions in Wedding.In Hindu tradition, the groom will tie a sacred chain with a pendant (as shown below) around the bride's neck.With that theme in the mind I created a collage of our wedding pics and have put it in the shape of the Mangala Sutra (sacred chain).

May --> Spray painting
By this time , all flowers would have come up with bright colours. So, I decided to use flowers for this month.Used some stencils and sprayed acrylic colours using tooth brush.

Spray painting with stencils

June -->Stippling
Have you heard of this technique? If yes , that's great !!If no, let me tell you.I found there is art called stippling while looking for something else around the internet.It is an art created using small dots or short strokes.I created a basket of summer fruits as June is a start of summer month.

This is how I started dotting :)

July --> Glitter & Glue
July reminds me of fireworks for 4th of July .So I used glitters and glue to create fireworks.

August ---> Polymer Clay
Polymer clay is my favourite medium to work.As summer reminds me of colourful and delicious ice cream flavours.I decided to make some ice creams with polymer clay.

Ice cream was formed like that and made into this :)

September --> Thread painting
 During childhood days I used to play with threads & paints by dipping the thread in paint and placing it between 2 sheets of paper randomly and pulling the thread out.It creates a abstract design.When I was thinking of how to create the shades of different colours to create fall leaves, this technique striked my mind.By using the sheet of painting, I cut out small leaves and created a fall tree to represent the start of FALL.

Thread painting steps

October --> Pencil & Eraser
Boooo!!! It is a month where everyone will start thinking of what costume to wear this year for Halloween Party.With that theme in the mind , I shaded the whole sheet with pencil and created some picture depicting the Halloween season by erasing it.

November --> Felt
It is a month where everyone will be waiting for the deals day and It is the Thanksgiving day.Another special thing about thanksgiving is Turkey.So I decided to make a felt turkey.

December --> Beads
December reminds about Christmas, holidays & snow. And all together it is a month full of fun :) Hurray!!!I decided to go with Christmas theme.With Christmas tree colored with markers ,I added the beads at the ends to make it bling!!!

Here is an easy way to make your own calender.Get your card stock, pattern/scrapbook papers and take print outs of the calender from internet.(There are variety of templates available).You can also add some pictures to the dates of your loved ones birthdays,anniversary ,etc as I have done in my calender.Now with everything ready, cut the the scrapbook/pattern paper to the desired size and stick the print out.Do the same for all the months.Take a cardboard(you can reuse cereal boxes) fold it in a triangle shape.Punch holes in the cardboard as well as your card stocks.Connect it with hinged rings.Now, you have your own calender with your favorite colors and patterns.
Form the cardboard like this to put your calender sheets together.


  1. Wonderfully creative idea! Would be an awesome way to involve children with an artistic vein, exposing them to different techniques and "thinking outside the box".

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  4. Create a personalized monthly calendar using various crafting techniques for each month. Materials needed include cardboard or thick paper, various craft supplies like acrylic paints, embroidery floss, quilling strips, collage materials, spray paints, glitters, polymer clay, threads, pencils, felt, beads, markers, etc. Cut and cut the cardstock or paper to the desired size for each month's page. Choose a crafting technique for each month, such as painting, embroidery, or quilling. Assemble the calendar, attach each month's page, and personalize the cover. Display the calendar on a desk or shelf to enjoy the creativity of each month throughout the year. lawyer wills and estates