Saturday, December 21, 2013

Newspaper folder

Before I knew Michaels,AC Moore ,JoAnn craft stores all I was having is Newspaper and some packing tape.When i went to walmart i got some construction paper package for doing some paper flowers.I searched a folder to fit in the package but i could not find any big one that fits.Then striked a thought "When we can do it by ourself why to buy".And came up with the idea of making newspaper folder.
This is the paper package I explained above.To measure the size for the folder I took a newspaper and placed the package above to confirm the size with some ease at the sides.

Materials Required:
Scotch packing tape
Snap buttons / velcro

Step 1 :
Take newspaper strips of length as required .Width of the strip should be approx 6 cm so that it should be easy to make a triple fold.By triple fold i mean, fold approx 1.5cm inwards from the both sides and fold it in half.The width of the final strip should be 1.5cm.
To make it easy ,first fold the strip in half to mark the center line and then make the inward folds .

Step 2 :
Arrange the stripes one after another and secure it the tape at the top.

Step 3 :
Flip the alternate strips(2,4,6,etc ) to the other side and insert a horizontal strip.

Step 4 :
Now flip the odd strips(1,3,5,etc) to the other side and insert a horizontal strip.
Step 5 :
Repeat step 3 & 4 to complete the sheet.It should look like the below.
Step 6 :
Cover the weaved sheet with the packing tape on both the sides.And trim the edges.

Step 7:
Prepare another sheet in the same way.This sheet should be little big than the above one, so that it can folded to act as a closing flap for the folder.Mark the areas of buttons /Velcro and add it.
Step 8 :
Place the sheets one above the other so that the smaller one is above the larger.Cover the sides with the packing tape.To embellish it , search for the colourful pages of the newspaper and cut out some shapes of your wish and place it on the front side(or wherever you wish) and seal it the packing tape.Hurray!!!Now your folder is ready to use.

Alternatively, you can also use colourful papers to make this folder and give it as a gift to your friends :).


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