Monday, February 10, 2014

Gift wrapping with scarf for men

Are you a kind of person who loves wrapping the gifts beautifully but except to do it differently each time??Then ,this post might give you some ideas.I came up with this idea when I wanted to gift my husband a bunch of goodies when I met him first time before marriage.It included some T-shirt,personalized towels,scarf, etc. I don't want to put them in a box and wrap it with the gift wrapping paper.I wanted to try something different.So I wrapped the T-shirt and personalized towels with scarf I got for him .I made some twists and turns to bring it to a shape .Hope you will like it.What would you name him as ?Scarf man ??Tell me your name suggestions in the comments below.Now lets us start wrapping!

Materials used :
Men's scarf
Safety pin
Removable glue dots/clear tape
Paper & pen to add your message .

Step 1: Place your gift at one end of the scarf(as shown) and roll the remaining scarf and cover.

Step 2: Twist the remaining scarf and wrap it around by starting at the center and wrapping outwards in a circular motion.Secure it with a safety pin at the back so the twists won't come off.

Step 3: Hurray !!!Scarf man is almost ready!!Draw some eyes and mouth in a paper with markers and cut out and stick it with removable glue dots or clear tape so that it doesn't damage the clothes and also it comes off easily.I got inspired from Whatsapp emoticons that I use mostly with my valentine and I ended up with two heart eyes and a mouth :)I have also shown you how to use another emoticon from Whatsapp.Likewise, use your favourite ones and personalize it.

Another way :
If you don't want those twists and turns ,place your gift at the center of the scarf and roll it. Leave equal amount of length both the sides and tie a knot at each end so that it looks like a candy.Write your message and paste it in the center with the clear tape or removable glue dots.

I have used this technique to wrap T-shirt and you can use the same technique to wrap boxes too.Hope you enjoy this wrapping.If you try any of these feel free to share your works on my facebook page.If you like this wrapping style, pin it,share it or tweet it to your friends.I greatly appreciate that.

Have fun wrapping :)


  1. This is so neat! That little kissy face is so cute, haha.


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