Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scratch off V day card

Who will not like to scratch off ? Even though we are grown up when we see that scratch off  in any of the cards(whether it is a lottery or a prepaid card), we will get excited  ,Hey !!I will do it !! Isn't it ? I saw this scratch off idea in Pinterest and I wanted to give a try for this V-day.After a lot of experimenting ,I finally got the right thing.I have shared my experiment results at the end of the post.Now, Lets see how to do it.

Materials Required:
Red & white card stock
Glue stick
Red Ribbon
White and Red acrylic paint
Paint brush
Dish washing liquid
Color Markers
Packing tape /Clear contact paper
Clear tape
Craft knife

Step 1:Cut a red card stock of required size.I made it as A5(Half of A4).And a white card stock which 0.5 cm lesser than A5 for inside of the card just to add a frame like look.Fold the cards into half.Draw a heart shape in the red card stock and cut out to create the front side of the card.

Step 2:Trace the heart into white card stock and arrange the ribbons (as shown) and secure it with the clear tape.I wanted checks just to add that manly touch to the card.You can add the ribbon one way and leave it as strips or you can skip this step and just leave it plain.I wrote Be Mine below the heart with white acrylic paint.Glue both the card stock together.

Step 3:Now decide the content you want to write it on the inside of the card .As I want it to be interesting and also importantly not disappointing!! I wrote the things which we both like to do together and also some of my little wishes.(Don't write things hat disappoints him/her and spoil your day ,this idea is to make you & your valentine ,enjoy the day & share your love joyfully )
So , decided what to write ??If you don't want some activities to be involved ,keep it simple.Make it as How much I love you? Things I love about you,etc.Create a small slit to hold a coin.

Step 4:Take strips of packing tape and paste it on any of  smooth surface where it can be removed easily.Mix 2 parts of red acrylic paint(Choose you favourite colour) and 1 part of dishwashing liquid together. (I used Ajax.There is no big ratio,but make sure not to mix it too much and create bubbles).Apply 4 to 5 coats(3 coats of paint was not enough :( ) of paint and let it dry for hours in between the coats.To speed up the process you may use hair dryer.(If you are using clear contact paper ,just stick the paper to any surface with masking tape,paint it, trace some hearts and peel the back and stick it on the card).


Step 5: Once the paint is dry,trace some hearts on the tape and cut it with the craft knife.Stick it in the place where you have written your wishes/tasks however you say it :).Voila !You are done!!I gave my card to my Valentine and He scratched a heart that says "Shall we go to a movie?".And  he said  Yes!!Now our plans for V day is a movie together .So, How excited are you to try this card ?Feel free to share your comments !!
After sticking the heart ,I felt the letters are visible so I applied 4th coat of paint.That is why I am suggesting to apply 4 to 5 coats of paint.If you are using dark colour, 3 might be good!

Final look of the card after scratching a heart.

Some of my experiments results:

1)When I tried it directly on the card stock.It was a total failure.When I tried to scratch off the paint ,only the card stock was getting torn and not the paint.So I recommend you, not to try directly on the card stock.

2)I tested it on a smooth surface .I took a card that came with my kitchen knife.I was just curious to know whether it really scratches off.It worked.I could able to see what was underneath.

3)Next, I applied a coat of glossy paint and then applied the scratch off paint.It worked but I was not fully satisfied as the result was not clear enough.You can try this in worst case ,if you don't have packing tape or contact paper.


Hope the experiments helps you !! Have fun crafting!! Happy card making !!!


  1. This is such a fun idea! I liked it so much that I featured it on my own site! Thank you for sharing!

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