Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to make a Heart pom pom using cardboard discs

I came up with this idea of making heart pom-pom as I need one to use it as a gift topper.You can also use this as decor for your valentine's day party by connecting many pom-pom as a garland and use it as a backdrop.It is simple but a little time consuming but you can get it done during a tv show or a Netflix movie.So enjoy the combo of joy & fun :) Let's get started.

DIY heart pom-pom without pom pom maker

Materials Required:
Woolen yarn

Step 1:
Draw a heart shape with a circle inside (as shown) and cut out.The size of the heart determines the size of the pom-pom.You will need two discs for making one pompom.I used pizza boxes to make the discs.If you want you can make a slit in the disc for easy winding.If you don't want to make a slit, you have to wind the yarn in batches but cutting some amount of yarn from the bundle , winding it then again cutting the yarn and winding, goes like that.

Step 2:
Start winding the wool "evenly" over the discs.The more you wind , you will get a more fluffy pom-pom.Evenness and bulkiness is the key to getting a cute & nice pom-pom :)

Step 3:
Once you are done winding the discs completely.Start cutting the yarn by inserting the scissors between two discs.When you are half done take a piece of thread and pass it through the center of the discs and secure it with a square knot.

Step 4:
Cut throw all the yarns and remove the discs.Just to ensure the thread is secured, make an another knot and tighten it.Trim if there are any uneven yarns.Voila!!!you got a heart pom-pom!!!As I made it use as a gift topper, I stuck a small heart sticker in the middle so that I can write any message on the heart but you can embellish however you want.(This is totally optional ).

Have fun crafting !!Click here to see how I used this heart pom-pom as a gift topper.


  1. I can't stand it another minute!!! I was searching your site for polymer clay instructions and got distracted over here! I make very skimpy sad pom poms.. now I envy your pom poms too!!! I love this little heart pom pom idea and absolutely know my niece will love a gift wrapped with this. Lucky for me I have a few months to practice for the perfect puffy fluffy shades of pink pom pom! you've done it again... I may need to take a vacation from work just to have fun with these crafts!!

    1. Happy to hear from your Kim ! All the best to get a puffy fluffy Pom Pom ! I m sure you will a great bunch of Pom Pom this time. Just make sure you wind it bulkier to get fluffy ones :)

  2. This is a cute idea. I have pinned it to try out for Valentine's Day. #HomeMattersParty