Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Personalized picture wrapping

How excited is it to receive a personalized wrapping that too with the picture of yours ??Let us see How to give that kind of excitement to our friends and family.This wrapping suits for any occasion.As valentine's day is about to come ,I used a heart shaped cut out for pictures.

Materials Required:
Kraft paper/Any kind of plain wrapping paper
Craft knife
clear tape

Step 1: Cut out the amount of kraft paper you need for wrapping the gift and wrap it around the box roughly.Mark the areas where you want to place the pictures with pencil.If you want the photos at the sides too then trace the shape upside down so that it will be straight while wrapping.(I think you got my point!! :),I it is a circle or square then it is not a problem)

Step 2: Trace the shape you want and cut it with the blade.Paste the photos on the back side with the tape.And what I said previously applies here too, be sure to check twice before pasting the photos.Because you have to paste it upside down for one of the side so that while wrapping it becomes straight.

Step 3: Now the personalized wrapping paper is ready to wrap.Wrap your present and write your message.Voila, your are ready to give !!

I used colour print out for pictures.You can also use photo print so that your recipient can reuse the photos by adding a magnetic strip at the back and place them on fridge or anywhere.(Double treat!!!)Hope you enjoy this style of wrapping.If you like it,please feel free to share it ,pin it,tweet it.

Have fun wrapping!!

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