Thursday, February 13, 2014

Personalized Wedding Gift

As a DIYer and crafter ,I always love to give handmade gifts rather than the store bought ones.When our friend got married, I was thinking of something different to gift the newly married couple.I came up with the idea of making a bride and groom with the wedding attire and to stamp their names and wedding date in it.First thing, I have not made any human sculpting so till then and it was a  challenge for me.Self challenges makes life interesting,Isn't it ? :) '
First started making the body part of the bride.Using a textured bead and PearlEx powder ,I prepared the clay sheet with designs for the bride saree and it the same way prepared the kurta for the groom.Some how managed to tie a saree in North Indian style with that sheet of clay.And added the borders for saree and made matching accessories by rolling a small amount of clay.Unusually ,I made the bride got ready first and then started making the groom :).Just to make sure, I don't make any mistakes with the height proportions.Next to face,making the faces was little difficult, went through a lot of redo's ,as I dint get the eyes correctly.After hearing a lot of suggestions from my friends and my hubby through messages,finally made eyes that looks perfect.And..... Here is the final result.

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