Thursday, February 13, 2014

Polymer Clay jewelry

After my first try on Candy Crush pen holder, I tried to make some rings , pendant,earrings and bracelets for one of my pink t-shirt.I thought instead of making something and keeping it inside a box, why not a matching one for any of my clothes.So that I can wear it .I got many nice comments which made me try more on jewelry.My learnings and experiments are still going.Hoping to make some beautiful jewelry with new techniques I learn and share it with you all.Till then here are few , which I made so far.

Made these for my cousins in their favourite colours

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  1. o.k., so i'm a black and white girl.. i'm in love with this infiniti (it is an infiniti, right?) black and white ring ! I love that it could be made just for my fingers too! a 'perfect' fit!! if I can't find instructions.. you'll be hearing from me soon :) super excited every time I stop by here I find something new I'm in love with!

  2. Ya you are absolutely right :)Hope you got the instruction :)if not let me know, I ll help you :)