Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gift wrapping with flowers

Spring is approaching!!Let us bring in that springy touch in our gift wrapping by adding some flowers as toppers for the gifts.I am going to show you two ways for adding flowers to your gifts.One is by making felt flowers and another is by making paper cut out flowers.Lets get started.

Method 1:
Materials Required:
Felt (in colours of your choice)
Needle and thread /Glue gun
Green ribbon

Step 1: Cut out circles of felt with approximately 6cm as diameter (we will need 6 to 7 circle for one flower) and one circle with 4cm diameter for base.Also cut out two leaves shape from green felt.The measurement can be varied according to your choice.

Step 2: Fold a circle into half(Picture 2) and into half again (Picture 3).This is a petal for the flower.Add the petal to the base circle(Which is 4cm in dia).Insert the needle in the center of the petal and make two stitch on either sides to hold the petal in the place(Picture 5).Repeat the same for all the petals covering the base circle(Picture 6)

Step 3:Once the first layer of four petals are stitched ,Arrange the second layer of petals above the first and make a stitch (Picture 7).Add 2 or 3 petals to the second layer till the area is covered and stitches are not visible (Picture 8).Lastly add the leaves to the base with a stitch and secure the thread with the knot.You are done with the flowers.

Step 4: Now to the wrapping ,Wrap your gift box with the kraft paper/any wrapping paper and tie a green ribbon as shown below and secure it the tape at the back side of the box.I am using green ribbon just as to represent it as stem of the flowers,you can use any colour of your choice.Attach a glue dot/foam sticker/a dab of glue to stick the flower to the wrapping.You can add one flower or a bunch of  colourful flowers .

You can also use glue gun to make these flowers if you don't want to stitch it.Doesn't it look springy and colourful ??You can even add original flowers to your gifts and make it more beautiful looking.Now what to do if you don't have felt or original flowers?Here comes another simple method to add flowers to your wrapping.

Method 2:
Colour papers
Black marker

Step 1:Draw some freehand flowers in the colour papers and cut it along the outline of the flowers.If you don't have flowers just draw in white paper and color it.
Step 2: Place it wherever you want on the gift and stick it with a dab of glue and draw stems with the black marker and write the sentiment above like Happy birthday/happy easter/happy wedding anniversary,etc.Voila !!You have a beautiful hand drawn gift wrapping just as the flowers in your garden.

Which method do you like the most ?Will you try any of these while you are wrapping your next gift ?Feel free to share your comments below or write to will be happy to hear from you.

Have fun wrapping !!


  1. Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing tutorial and lovely ideas!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft