Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My First try with Wood Burning

Wondering What is Wood Burning ?? As the name says "It is an art of decorating wood with burn marks by controlled application of a heat".This technique is called "Pyrography".If you are interested to know more about wood burning , click here  Wikipedia will explain the rest. Now let us move on to my story of wood burning.As always I was searching around for something new to try.I ended up with this wood burning.I purchased Walnut Hollow wood burning tool at Michaels.I had a piece of wood from a failed project,with that as my practice wood I started making straight lines.Then tried to write my name and my hubby name.Next with some flowers,hearts,etc.I did not get a solid line at first.Then after some trials and with even speed I got something near to 50%.

Once I got the grip of handling the tool ,I started to think about "How to put the wood burning technique to use".I remembered I was having a set of laser cut wood pieces .Now the time has come to put that to use.Have you seen those branded labels in your shirts ??For example,In Hollister shirts I have seen the brand labels attached with two stitches at the ends.Can't get it?See the picture below.With that as an inspiration,I made my own label to personalize my wallet.This is why I say, you can even get inspired from your closet/Wardrobe .

And some charms for my key ring,

How to stop without trying a accessory,I arranged the small laser cut wood pieces on a piece of vinyl, glued with super glue and wood burnt a flower on it to make it as a pendant.If you are person who don't like heavy jewelry, this would be perfect for you.I mean "It is very light weight"!!

What do you feel about these projects??Feel free to share your comments below or write to vikalpah@gmail.com.I will be happy to hear from you.Can't wait to try different points/nibs .Stay tuned for more wood burning projects.Already many on to do list. :)


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