Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY Pendant Lamp

When I wanted to do something new which I have not done before,I got to know Scotch Brand is conducting a contest .It was under 3 categories --> Amazing Art, Maker Masterpieces & Education Creations.The rule of the contest is to used any one or more of their product and make a masterpiece.There were nearly 133 entries in total for the first round and 54 in Maker masterpieces category.From that 10 entries were filtered for the second round of voting and I am happy :D to say that I am in one of the ten.As Voting is happening on one side and hoping that I will reach final round with all your support,today I am sharing the tutorial of How I made the pendant lamp.Shall we start ?

Materials Used :
11 Acetate/Plastic sheets  (I got mine at
Transparent tape
Gold washi tape
Xacto Knife
Gold cord with plug (Got mine at Home depo for $6.67)
Gold lamp socket(Got mine at Home depo for $4.97)
Bulb (Already had )

Step 1: Before I start some new project, I always make a sample or prototype to make sure I am in good shape to continue the project.Likewise , I made the lamp first with poster board and used masking tape to glue it all together.You need not do this step but make a template of pentagon out of any thick paper.

For this, draw a pentagon on the poster board(Click here to see how to draw a pentagon) and cut it.Use this as a template .

Step 2: Use the template and draw 11  pentagon one in each plastic sheet and cut it .My plastic sheet was 8" x 8" so I could get only one pentagon out of one sheet.I recommend you to use sharp scissors to avoid irregular edges of pentagon as the plastic sheet is quite thicker.

Step 3: Join five pentagon pieces for the first layer.Use tape on sides of each pentagon.For the second layer , insert a pentagon in between the two pentagons of the first layer.Repeat this for all the five pentagon of the first layer so you will probably end up adding five more to form the second layer.Use tape to stick the pentagons together.Now your lamp shade is almost done.
Top view after joining two layers

Side view.It was quite difficult to avoid the glare :(

Step 4:I felt the plain glass like look of the lamp shade was not quite satisfying and so I decided to add a gold lining to the edges with gold washi tape.Use the washi tape and cover the edges of the pentagon over the transparent tape .(You can also use different patterned tape to attain different look).

Step 5: Take the 11th pentagon piece and mark a hole in the middle with the top of the lamp socket as a template using marker.Use Xacto knife and make the hole in the middle which should not be too large nor too small.It should be fit enough so that the socket doesn't move .Insert the socket in the hole.

Step 6:  Attach the top pentagon piece with the base of the lamp shade using the transparent tape and top it with another layer of gold washi tape to complete the lamp shade.Few steps ahead !!!

Step 7: Insert the gold lamp cord into the socket (from outside to inside).Make a underwriter's knot as shown in the picture.Connect the wires to the screws (If this is your first attempt in wiring just like me ,don't confuse yourself on connecting which wire to which screw.Do it randomly and plug it see whether the bulb glows.If it glows you are right !!If not, then change the wires.Also refer to the instructions at the back of the package) and assemble the remaining part.Screw the bulb on to the socket and mount it .Plug it and be amazed to look at the gorgeous pendant lamp that you made all by yourself!!!

What do you think about the lamp ?? I thought instead of using the decorative washi tapes and making a before & after project, I thought of creating a product using tape and making it a masterpiece to suit the category title.And my crafty friends,now it is your turn to make it all success.If you think I made justice and I am worth winning, please take a moment to vote for me. Here is the Voting link. Thank you for your time and vote. :) Feel free to share your comments about the lamp or write to

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  1. Well... that seems simple enough! Super cute, thanks for sharing. Good luck with the votes. :)


  2. Okay, I would not have the patience needed to put this together LOL But yours looks great! I actually already voted for you, too! :)

  3. Love this idea... Thank you so much for linking up with us. I am featuring you tomorrow on the blog!

    1. Wow!! Thank you very much :) I always admire you but never expected you will visit my blog and feature my idea :)

  4. what a great idea thanks for the tips have a great day

  5. Whoa. What a fabulous DIY project!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Show-Licious!
    ~ Ashley

  6. This is so AWESOME! Voted for you and shared on my FB fanpage. You're also one of my feature picks on Merry Monday. Hope to see you again tomorrow :-)

    1. Thank you very much Erlene :) Wow's great !!So nice to hear :)Thanks again for everything :)

  7. Looks like fun - and a lot of work to put together:) Thanks for linking with Home Matters Linkup!

  8. Your light is amazing! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing with Creative Spark Link Party. Hope you join us again tomorrow.
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

  9. Wow! what a great idea.
    I am also your newest follower..:)

    -Priyam @

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