Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to make Snowman Penny Slider Christmas Card

This is a special post .Yes!!Ask me what special ? It is my 100th post :) Yay!!I wish to thank all my readers for your continuous support and appreciation. I hope you will be supporting me along my blogging journey to make it a big success. To celebrate it, today I am sharing a cute snowman Christmas card with you all.Now to the card.
When I was planning to make a card for Christmas, I wanted to try the penny slider idea. I brainstormed and came to a conclusion that I wanted a snowman and Christmas tree in my card. I went to the craft store to get supplies for the card. At that time I saw some cute stickers in A.C.Moore(Craft store) that I can't skip from buying. It was just a $1 for some 454 stickers(Isn't it a great deal?) .Not all the 454 stickers were big but each one was cute and different. It had so many snowman but the snowman in the slider caught my attention and I was sure that I am going to use that in my card. So , let us see how I made the card finally.

Materials Used :
A4 size green card stock
1 Christmas themed scrapbook paper
Contrasting color card stock like red, blue , brown. 
Double sided Foam stickers
Snowman stickers (I got mine in A.C.Moore for $1) -If you don't have one , download a snowman from online and print it on a card stock
Xacto knife
Cotton for snow
Double-sided tape
Two pennies
White paint & brush for writing sentiments if the cardstock is dark colour or markers.

The materials listed above can be changed according to your availability and creativity .I have listed what I have used . 

Step 1: Fold the A4 size card stock into half. This is the final card size(A5). Cut a scrapbook paper  little less than the A5 so that you will have a framed look at the front.

Step 2: Now take the cut scrapbook paper and decide where you want to implement the slider. Use the backing of the foam sticker you are going to use between the pennies as a template. Mark the area of slider little larger than the sticker for easy sliding. Don't make it too big or too small.

Step 3: Cut the area with Xacto knife.

Step 4: Now to create the snow decide the area and cover it with double sided tape. Leave a small area around the slider for the easy flow. Take bits of cotton and cover the tape.

Step 5: Place one penny on the wrong side of the slider and stick the foam sticker.Now place another penny of the top to create the penny slider.Check whether the pennies can slide along easily.

Step 6: Chose the sticker or anything like balloon or some characters to go on the penny . I pasted my sticker on a cardstock and cut it along the outline and pasted on the penny.You need not do this if you are using a image printed on the cardstock. It is done just to create a strong base .Voila ! We are now done with the slider part.

This is my another favorite snowman.

Step 7: To create a christmas tree , draw one side of the tree by folding a paper into half. Cut it and use a template. Draw and cut a christmas tree on green cardstock and a little base for tree in brown cardstock. Stick it on the side of the scrapbook paper and trim the excess.

Step 8 : Decorate the tree as you desire. I used the small stickers that came along the snowman sticker to decorate the tree and also used a gold leaf pen to draw a ribbon. Also Cut a piece of red cardstock to write your sentiment. Use white marker or white paint to write "Merry Christmas" and stick it with foam stickers. Add some snowflake stickers all over the card to create the snowing effect. . 

Step 9: Use foam stickers all over in the front of the cardstock and stick the scrapbook on it to finish the card.Tada! your card is ready !! How cool and creative is this card ?I really love the snowman sliding part very much. :)

What do you think about this card ? Do you buy cards for christmas ? If so, do you like creative cards like this ?If you like this card, you may also want to make a personalized card like the one below I made for last new year.

To all who celebrate "Thanksgiving".Wish you a "Happy Thanksgiving ".Have a great time with your friends and family .

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  1. So cute! We send out about 100 Christmas cards every year, so it would be hard for me to make them all - maybe I could make some special ones!

    1. Ya making 100 like this takes a very long time and effort and yes ! you can make some special ones ! Thank you :)

  2. This is just so adorable! I couldn't make more than one or two but I would very much enjoy those. You will be featured at the Home Matters Linky party tomorrow! So glad you shared your creativity with us!

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