Friday, February 13, 2015

15 Valentine's day gift wrapping ideas

Just few hours more for valentine's day, A day to celebrate love. I hope you are ready with your gifts for your loved ones. I always a believe that a perfect gift wrap adds extra point for you to score(especially if you are giving to your girl friend or boy friend).So,here are few ideas for you to score.

3 great ideas to DIY your own wrap from The house that lars built

Searching for fun way to involve kids to wrap their own gifts for school parties? Tammy from Housing a forest shares great Valentine's day ideas along with the wrapping ideas

10 fun Heart Tube stamping ideas. Lots of fun Valentines Day crafts and activities.

Wrapping always need not be with paper, it can be with fabrics too.Do you know that ? Wanna get creative ,wrapping your gifts using scarf, here is a cute idea.

If you want to add a personal touch to your wrap , what will be a great way to do that other than writing a love letter or love words on the wrapping paper with your handwriting on it? Lia from Lia griffith shows "How to make your own love letter gift wrap"

Love letter gift wrap

If you want to make it more personalized ,How about adding pictures to your wrappers? Click here to see how.

Want to add a feminine touch to your gifts or want to make your own box to fit it the odd shaped gift? Marion from Made Marion shows how. 

Want to make some conversation going ? Try this idea to wrap your gifts.

Any Minecraft fans at home ? Pix Fiz gives free printable and instructions to make a mini minecraft box for treats 

Need simple idea, punch out some heart and make it a garland to wrap you gifts.Jillian used this idea for wrap her brown sugar short breads but you can use it for any gift.


Some surprise crackers?? Yes, please! Charlotte's fancy shows how to make them with tissue paper rolls. 

Valentines cracker by Lottie Loves

An easy and inexpensive way to wrap your edible gifts, from the kitchn


It is always difficult to think about a tiny wrapping idea for those tiny little precious gift.This cross stitch match box will be absolutely perfect.Craft and creativity shows how.

Cross-stitched matchbox - by Craft & Creativity

A perfect last minute idea for wrapping your gifts .Check this hugs and kisses wrapping with tic tac toe combined.

Hope you enjoyed this 15 different wrapping ideas for valentine's day.If not valentine's day, these ideas can be easily adapted for any occasion .Get creative and give them a try .I am sure your recipient will enjoy to receive a gift wrapped differently than a normal wrapping paper.:)


  1. Great round-up of cute and clever ideas! Stopping by from Link Party Palooza!

  2. Oh, I love that heart made of flowers! So cute. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - We hope to see you again next week.
    Life With Lorelai

  3. Creative and cool gift warpping ideas,was looking for such designs all day, atlast found it.Thanks a million for this content.

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