Monday, May 18, 2015

How to sew an Apron with gathered bottom

This idea of sewing an apron came to me when my brother wanted a gift for his friend who loves baking. I wanted to make a dressy apron and so I ended up with the gathered bottom apron.You want a similar one ?? Come along to learn how.

Materials Required :
One yard of printed cotton
Half yard of solid cotton
Matching thread
Sewing machine/ Fabric glue
Fabric scissors
Marking chalk
Straight pins
Kraft paper for pattern
Ruler and pencil

Step 1: Make pattern for the top of the apron with the measurements as shown in the below picture using kraft paper.Pin the pattern on the fabric with centre fold and cut a top piece for the apron.

Step 2: Cut the bottom piece from the remaining fabric (20"X 30") and also cut pieces for neck ties and waist ties from solid cotton fabric. Neck ties measurements : Length - 20" Width - 2" Waist ties measurements: Length- Approx 50" Width - 3". If the fabric is not 50" you can cut two 25" pieces and join together with a seam.Open the seam and press.

Step 3: Fold the 2" neck strip into half and stitch along the whole length of the strip with 0.25" seam allowance.To give an angled finish for the edge, mark an inch on the seam allowance side and make an angled stitch as shown below and trim along the stitch. Turn inside out using a stick or safety pin.Iron the strap and make a top stitch with 1/8" allowance for neat finish.Repeat the same for another strip to make neck ties.

Step 4: Fold and press the sides of the top piece and sew the sides of the top piece.Repeat the same for the bottom piece and also sew the hem of the bottom piece

Step 5: Cut a facing strip with measurements same as the top of the apron by adding seam allowance to attach neck ties.Stitch the sides of the facing strip and pin the facing strip with neck ties in the middle and right sides facing each other as shown below.Stitch along the top edge and turn the facing strip to the wrong side.Fold and press the hem of the facing and stitch to secure the facing strip.

Step 6: Use needle and thread to make basting stitch or use sewing machine to make gathering.Pull the thread at one end to make gatherings match the hem of the top piece and spread them evenly.Make a stitch to secure the gathering.Place the top piece right sides facing each other with top piece's hem aligning the bottom pieces's top.Make a stitch to join both the pieces together.

Step 7: Press the waist stripes 0.5"on both the sides. Place one strip on the front and one at the back with centre line of the apron sandwiched between the straps and pin them together. Centre the straps so that the waist ties are equal in length on both the sides.Sew them together to secure the waist ties to the apron.Voila !! The Apron is now ready to wear !!

What do you think about this apron ?  Have you stitched your own apron ? What kind of apron do you own ? Share you apron story in the comments below.

Want to know how to sew an apron from men's shirt?Check this link.



  1. Very pretty apron, Sahana and an easy to follow tutorial.

  2. Love your pretty apron, the fabric is perfect. Thank you for the great tutorial too, very helpful for a beginner like me. :)

  3. It's so much fun to have different aprons for different occasions. Cute fabric! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)

    Life With Lorelai

  4. Such a sweet apron, with a lovely fabric choice and clear instructions.

  5. This is so cute! I really like the fabric you choose, thanks for the tutorial. #HomeMattersParty

  6. This is just adorable Sahana! Would make a nice gift for Mothers Day too! #homemattersparty

  7. This is such a cute apron! I love the cupcake fabric. Thanks for sharing how to sew an apron tutorial at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

  8. That is the cutest apron ever! I love the cupcake Fabric and the style is very cool! Thanks for sharing!