Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2 ingredient ice cream + 4 interesting flavors

I have been seeing this 2 ingredient ice cream or no machine ice cream everywhere and I wanted try it too. I am not a big fan of ice cream but I love frozen yogurt a lot compared to ice cream.In my mind this 2 ingredient ice cream sounded more like a frozen yogurt than ice cream to me so I thought "Why not?". As you know ,we always prefer variety in our home (I prefer to have variety of craft supplies to try different things and my husband loves to try variety of food, so "this Variety thing" is common among us ;)) .So I decided to try 4 different flavors with 2 ingredient ice cream as a base.Now lets see my take on this.

Ingredients for 2 ingredient ice cream base :
Heavy cream - half pint (473 ml)
Sweetened condensed milk - 14oz can

Other supplies:
A Large vessel
Hand mixer or stand mixer if you have one.

Step 1: Take half pint of heavy cream in the large vessel and start whipping the cream until it reaches stiff peaks. This may take a while.May be around 4 to 5 minutes. 

Step 2: Pour the 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk into the whipped heavy cream and whip it again until it reaches stiff peaks.Your ice cream base is now ready. If you are planning to eat it as such I recommend adding some vanilla extract when you add the condensed milk.If you are planning to use this as a base to the flavor ice cream then you can skip the vanilla extract.

Also a good condensed milk plays an important role in the taste of the ice cream. I prefer "Magnolia Sweeten condensed milk" than "Great Value Sweeten condensed milk" because I tried both and the first one tastes awesome compared to the second. (I am not paid to say this friends!! ;))

Strawberry Ice cream :
5 strawberries
1 cup of ice cream base
4 drops of red food coloring(Optional)

Other supplies:

Step 1: Cut the strawberries into half and make it into puree form with blender.Now add the puree into 1 cup of ice cream base and mix it well. You can also add 4 drops of food coloring to make it look like store bought strawberry ice cream.Mix it well and freeze it for 6 hours. After 6 hours, you can enjoy the homemade strawberry ice cream :)
Note : You can add puree into the ice cream base or ice cream base into the puree, it doesn't matter. :)

Serving suggestion :Serve the ice cream in a edible bowl with a slice of strawberry and drizzle some strawberry syrup for extra flavor and some sprinkles. 

Mango Ice cream : 
1/3 Mango pulp
1 cup Ice cream base


Step 1: All the steps for Mango ice cream are similar to that of strawberry ice cream. 1/3 mango pulp with 1 cup of ice cream base gives a very light mango taste however if you want a strong mango flavor I recommend adding 2/3 mango pulp or reduce the ice cream base as 1/2 half cup. 

Note : From my experience, store bought mangoes are not always good.So, if you are preparing it for guests I would recommend trying with store bought mango pulp for first time . If you are going to give a try for yourself ,first taste test the store bought mango and adjust the pulp according to your taste before adding it to the ice cream base.

Serving suggestion : Edible bowl,Some sprinkles and cut mango pieces.

Chocolate Ice cream
Ingredients :
1/3 cup of chocolate
1/2 cup ice cream base

Microwave or double boiler

Step 1: Melt the 1/3 cup chocolate in the microwave. Use 15 seconds intervals to melt the chocolate.It takes approximately 45 seconds but each microwave is different so keep an eye on them. Bring the melted chocolate to room temperature before adding it to the base. 

Step 2:Take the melted chocolate in a bowl and add the ice cream base on the top and slowly stir them to combine.(This is called "Introducing") Don't do it vice versa, especially if the chocolate is slightly warm.That may lead to curdling of the base.(Trust me I have tried it ;)).This step is very important if you making chocolate ice cream in large quantity.For example :If you are making this with 2 cups of ice cream base , first use 1/2 cups of base and mix them with the chocolate and then add the next 1/2 cup and so on. Mix them till everything is combined well and freeze them for 6 hours.Then it is ready to enjoy !!

Serving suggestion : Edible bowl, chocolate syrup and pieces of almonds.

Coffee Ice Cream 
3 tsp of coffee decoction or instant coffee mix
Approx 1 1/4 cup of ice cream base

Step 1: I prepared the coffee decoction in filter (Indian style) as we prefer coffee that way but you can use instant coffee and mix it up with the little bit of water or you can use strongly brewed coffee too. Whichever you prefer.But you have to adjust the measurements accordingly. I used 3 tsp of coffee decoction for 1 1/4 cup of ice cream and mixed it well to combine. It was perfect for my taste buds.Do a taste test after adding the coffee if it is okay ,freeze it 6 hours and enjoy!!

I would say this is my most favorite of all the flavors. I never expected this would be my favorite one until I tried it.I was thinking 2 scoops of this ice cream and dash of milk blended together will make a great Frappuccino. (If you try it ,let me know how it turned out.Before I even thought about the idea ,I finished my coffee ice cream so may be next time ;))

Serving suggestion: Edible bowl , caramel syrup and chocolate chips.

Today is my star birthday(According to the Tamil calendar but my actual English birthday is on "August 11").In order to celebrate that, I am sharing this recipe with you all.Hope you all will enjoy this yummy ice cream recipe and give it a try. Share how it turned out in the comments below.As always I will be happy to hear from you.


  1. OMG I need to make these immediately!! Have been so intimidating by making my own ice cream, but this looks super easy and so delish! Thank you for linking up at Pin Worthy Wednesday! Sharing :)

  2. I bet the possibilities are endless! What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - we love partying with you! Hope to see you next Friday -- when we are have a VERY SPECIAL PARTY! Don't miss it... :)

    Life With Lorelai

  3. I love ice cream. I had no idea it could be so easy to make! Great ideas. Pinned.

  4. I've really got to try making our own ice cream - this didn't look too hard to accomplish. I have my eye on that mango ice cream!

  5. I cannot believe we have not made homemade ice cream yet this summer. Your recipe sounds wonderful. I agree with you about using a quality brand of sweetened milk. Pinning to the Merry Monday board. I'd like to make some of the strawberry flavor!

  6. I love ice cream, but I've never had homemade ice cream... weird right? Thanks for linking up to the Tasty Tuesday linky. I've add your recipe to the Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board. :-)

  7. The perfect birthday treat (happy birthday)! I love ice cream but haven't tried making it myself - maybe I'll give these recipes a try! Thanks so much for sharing at the Talented Tuesday Link Party!

  8. Pinning this, I made some similar but would love to try your flavor variations! Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. This is an easy ice cream recipe with endless flavor possibilities. I think my kids could even make this one with minimal supervision. They would love that. #HomeMattersParty

  10. I really need to try this! We love ice cream year round and I think it would be fun to make this. #HomeMattersParty

  11. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on this blog . You have made my day! Beautiful results and they all look way to good . perfect for a Hi-tea event.

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