Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gift Wrapping Ideas for small gifts using disposable water bottles

At times we all find it difficult to wrap those tiny gifts like a jewelry or a USB or anything that is small(You name it). Even though most of the time small gifts are quite expensive & memorable ones(You know & also the recipient knows that) , you like to see them big in size when you gift it to the recipient or you wish to do them at least for fun. Hey, Wait! There are people who think like that. I'm not crazy.If you are one among them.Comment below! When you want to implement the idea of gifting a small gift in bigger size you often end up searching for the right size box to put the gift in, do you know that a disposable water bottle can do that? Isn't it a nice way to re-use them . Lets see how.

Materials Required :
A disposable water bottle
A Tissue Paper in desired colors
Wrapping paper 
Gift Wrapping Tape or any clear tape
Ribbon , decorative tape ,stickers (Optional according to your taste)
Of course, the gift you want to wrap

Step 1: Cut the top part of the water bottle as shown below. If you did not end up with a clean cut , you can use a piece of tape to secure the cut end of the bottle. I also have seen that some people use iron to make it even but I will leave that idea to you . Now make sure your gift fits in well. If not you can cut more of the opening. I have shown how a bottle of body spray and a small jewelry box fits in well just to give you an idea. 

Step 2: Take a tissue paper and fold it lengthwise to the length of the bottle and leave the remaining as a single layer. The width of the tissue paper should be the twice the amount that you need for wrapping a bottle. I just went with the actual width the paper came. More the width fluffier the flower .

Step 3: Fold the tissue paper in a width little bigger than the bottle, over and over again.So finally you will have a folded tissue paper.Cut the top part with scissors in the shape of a petal as shown below. 

Step 4: Now unfold the tissue paper and wrap the bottle and secure it with tape. Also fold the tissue paper to cover the bottom part of the bottle and secure it with tape.

Step 5: Now gather top part of the bottle to make a tissue paper flower and secure it with a tape or a pipe cleaner. It should look as shown below. You can end here or go one step further. 

Step 6: Use an alternate color tissue paper and make a center part of flower. Fold a rectangle piece of tissue paper into half and cut fringes with scissors and roll it up to make the center part of the flower.You can see the detailed step with pictures in step 6 & 7 of the DIY Paper Dahlia post. Insert the center piece , before securing the flower with the tape. 

Step 7: If you don't like the look of the tissue paper, you can use same color wrapping paper or a contrasting one and wrap the bottle. Decorate it with tape , stickers or anything you like. Tie a ribbon and attach a gift tag to complete the wrapping. Now, your tiny gifts are wrapped in gorgeous style.

 If you don't want to make a flower on the top as shown above. You can just gather the top and complete the wrapping . Or you can do the normal candy style wrapping by wrapping the bottle with tissue paper and gather the ends to secure it with tape. I just made a zig zag cut at the ends to add some style to the traditional candy wrapping. 

Hope you like this simple wrapping ideas. Give it a try this holiday season and share a picture with me if you do. I would love to see them and share it on my social media. Share what you think about this idea in the comments below. As always I would love to hear it from you. 


  1. This is a great idea for those odd shaped gifts that you just don't know how to wrap!

  2. Clever Idea - thank you for sharing with Pin worthy Wednesday

  3. What an awesome and fun idea !! my kids would love it as well. thanks so much for stopping by welcome home wed. Laci @

  4. So smart! I love the pretty rose on top too! #HomeMattersParty

  5. Great idea, I especially like cracker like one (the flower might be too fancy for me to make). #HomeMattersParty

  6. This is an awesome idea! It's great for Christmas or anytime. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)

    Life With Lorelai

  7. Oh that flower on top is such a clever idea! Very cute.
    It's been another great blog party weekend with you at the #HomeMattersParty.

  8. That is adorable!!! I love the candy popper idea!! :) Loved seeing this at the #HomeMattersParty

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