Thursday, April 21, 2016

DIY Plant Markers

When I visited my friend, while watering her plants she was telling me that I have planted so and so seeds in so and so pots and she said she wasn't sure about some of the them. So, I thought I will make her some plant markers so there is no confusion next time when she sow her seeds. It also helps her to take proper care of the plants which is growing not as expected. I am challenging myself to not go to the craft store and hoard more supplies but to create as much DIY projects as I can with the supplies I already have at home. So, let see what I used to make these plant markers.

Materials Required :
White Card stock
Hot glue
Plastic knives

Step 1: Download images of the plants you want to make plant markers with transparent background(PNG Image) from the website which offers free download. I took most of images from and also from other websites which offers images only for personal use(Which means you cannot distribute them or use them in items for sale).So please check the disclaimer and use accordingly.

Step 2: Open the images in any photo editing software and add names on the top of the images. Here I will show you how to do in . Go to . Open a blank white canvas of A4 size (select Design - Custom - Enter 2480X3508 pixels).

Step 3: Click the Butterfly symbol(Overlay) on the left(4th icon from the top) and select "Your Own" to add the images you downloaded. Arrange them in the order you want. 

Step 4: Now select "Geometric" in the same window and add white rectangles on the top of the each image. To maintain the same size, select the first rectangle you have created- right click on it -Select duplicate overlay. You will now get another rectangle of same size. Repeat the steps and create rectangle(Labels) for all the plants.

Step 5: To add the names, select "Tt" icon on the left and add the names for each plant in your desired font. Save the image and print it in white card stock.

Step 6: You can now cut it along the border of each image , laminate and cut it again or you can laminate the whole page and cut it along the border. I tried both the ways and it worked the same.So it is up to you to decide. Now you should have all the image laminated and cut along the borders.

Step 7: Add a line of hot glue on the back of each image and stick a knife to it to create stem. I used plastic knives as I wanted something that lasts longer. Many have said that wood sticks will rot eventually so I thought plastic is the best bet. You can also use other sticks like Pop sticks. Allow it to dry and your DIY plant markers are now ready to use. 

Hope you enjoyed this simple project. Do you do gardening?? Share what you think about these plant markers in the comment below. As always I will be happy to hear from you.


  1. What a cute idea. Makes your garden look adorable.

  2. Those are adorable!! I'm looking at a plant that has starting sprouting again in my garden, and have no idea what it is - these would sure help! #HomeMattersParty

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    Life With Lorelai

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