Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DIY Pearl Bracelets - 2 ways

Its been long time since we made some jewelry, so I thought I will show you how to make some simple bracelets using pearl beads.

Type 1 - Big Pearl bracelet 
Materials Required :
A big pearl bead
Two small silver bead of your choice
One eye pin
Leather cord of your color choice
Two End caps
Small jump rings -3
E 6000

Step 1: Take the eye pin and string a small silver bead, a big pearl bead and then a small silver bead. This small silver beads are totally optional. I thought a big pearl bead alone would look very plain, in order to give some character to the center of the bracelet I chose to add the silver beads on both sides.

Step 2: Use pliers to cut the extra wire and make a loop.Make sure the loop is large enough to prevent the bead from falling out. Also make sure that the loop you make is in the same direction of the loop that is already in the eye pin.

Step 3: Measure two leather cords of each 6" inch long.( For 7.5" bracelet) This length may vary depending on the size of the bracelet you are making. Make sure you take into account the end cap loop, lobster clasp length and center pearl bead length before you measure and cut the leather cord. 

Now string a jump ring through the leather cord and bring it to the center. Repeat the same with the other cord. Use pliers to open the jump ring and attach it to the center pearl bead loop.

Step 4: Add a drop of glue(E 6000) into the end caps and push the ends of the leather cord inside the end cap. Allow it to dry for 24 hours or as said in the package of glue. Use another jump ring and pliers to add lobster clasp to one of the end cap and you're done! 

Alternate ideas:

Use more leather cords instead of one. But make sure you get appropriate end caps and jump rings to match the size of the cords. 

Use combination of colors like black and red, black and green, black and white, etc of leather cords instead of single color. 

Type 2 - Half and Half Pearl & chain bracelet 

Materials Required :
chain of your desired choice - 3" to 5" inch
Elastic cord - 0.5mm 
Pearl beads 
Any silver beads of your choice (Optional)
E 6000

Step 1: Cut the chain, half of your bracelet length. I made this as 6" inch bracelet so I cut the chain as 3" inch length.

Step 2: String pearl beads and silver beads as desired using the elastic cord. I used three pearl beads and one silver bead and repeated the same four times to get 3" inch length of strung beads. 

Step 3: Knot the strung beads on to the ends of the chain each side. You will need three knots to secure them. Cut the extra cord and add a drop of glue on the knots to secure them. Once it is dry , you're done. How simple was that ?

Alternate Ideas :

You can use multiple small chains instead of one big chain . Use jump ring to connect all the small chain and knot the elastic cord on to the jump ring. 

Also you can make multiple pearl beads chain instead of one. You just have to repeat the same procedure.

Hope you like this pearl bracelets ideas. If you are making one of these bracelet, what will be your choice of color and which idea you will follow? Share with me in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. If you make one of these, don't forget to share a pic by tagging me in any of the social media mentioned on the top right corner of this website. 

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