Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DIY Pineapple - How to make a 3D pineapple and uses for it (No sew version & Pattern included)

Pineapple prints & motifs are all over the place and so trendy right now. So I thought I will show how to make a 3D pineapple out of felt. As many of you might not have a sewing machine, I will also show a no-sew version of making it. Without much ado, let's get to the making.

Materials Required:
Yellow felt - 2 sheets
Green Felt - 2 sheets
Hot glue gun
Sewing machine (Optional)
Brown or black marker (optional)
Needle and thread
Polyfill Stuffing
Marble gems / beans/ rice /stones for weight (Optional)

Step 1: Trace the pattern on to the felt sheets. You will need 5 pieces to make one pineapple. I traced ten as I made two (One set for sewing version and another no-sew version).

Step 2: Take two pieces, right sides facing each other and sew one side as shown. In the same way, join the other three pieces together.

Step 3: Now join the 3 piece part and 2 pieces part together, sew completely on one side and while attaching the other side leave a small opening. Using that turn the whole thing inside out.

Step 4: Now stuff the base of the pineapple with stuffing. Decide which side you want to use it as a base. fill it with little stuffing and then add some weight like marbles /stones/Rice/ Beans to make to stand. Then fill the remaining with more stuffing. If you are using it as a pillow, you can avoid adding weights. 

Step 5: Close the opening with a ladder stitch using needle and thread. Your pineapple base is done. 

This is such a simple and perfect project to practice if you are new to sewing

No-Sew Version :

The steps are the same for the no-sew version, instead of sewing you are going to use a line of hot glue to join the pieces together. For closing the gap, you can use the ladder stitch or if you are comfortable with hot glue you can go ahead and use hot glue itself. 

Step 6: Now that the base is ready, let's move on to the making of pineapple crown. For this take a paper and draw a rough pattern as shown below. If you are confident you can skip drawing the pattern and cut straightly through the felt. Pin the pattern with the felt and cut the piece for the crown. Don't throw away the cut pieces in between, you can use them it later steps. 

Step 7: Take a roll of scrap fabric and place it at any one of the edges. Roll the felt with scrap fabric to create the center piece. The scrap fabric is used to give a bulkiness in the center. Use hot glue and secure the edge. 

Step 8: Shape the cut pieces from step 6 as pointy triangles to mimic the pineapple leaves and glue it on to the centerpiece to fill the remaining space. Do this until the whole piece is covered with pointy leaves. Once it is done, glue it to the center of the base. 

Step 9: Once you glue to the center, you will notice a gap between the crown and the base. To cover it, cut more leaves and glue to the base. To replicate the pointy pineapple texture, use a black or brown marker and draw "v" or a semi-circle. This is totally up to you. Your pineapple is now ready. 

You can see the difference in using a scrap fabric in the middle of the crown. The back one is without the scrap fabric in the middle.

How cute is this pineapple? So now you ask what can these be used for? I initially thought of this as a pincushion, later when I brainstormed ideas I came up with a lot of uses. To name a few, use it as pineapple pincushion(Of Course) or as an office decor to store your thumbtacks. Add more weights and use it as bookends or paperweights. Make it bigger to use it as a pillow. 

What more ideas you can think of ? Share with me in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. If you make this, don't forget to share your project by tagging me in any of the social media mentioned above.(Top right) 

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