Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DIY knobs using polymer clay

In one of the furniture we thrifted, there were these knobs which do not serve any purpose. They were just for the aesthetics.They were old and rusted and totally 8 knobs per door. I do not want to spend a lot for these knobs and also don't want the glossy spray painted gold look instead I thought the knobs with some design embossed will look will be good on the cabinet. So I decided to use my favourite medium - polymer clay to give them a little update. I will also show you 3 options that you can use to update your old knobs using polymer clay. Let's get started. 

Material Required :
Old knobs
one 1 oz block of polymer clay (for 8 knobs)
Acrylic roller or anything similar to roll the clay
Craft knife
Any textured sheet or small cookie cutters or toothpick (optional)
Black Acrylic paint (optional)
Paper towel(optional)
Oven to bake the clay

Step 1: Clean the old knobs with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. Roll a sheet of polymer clay onto the surface. I'm using a tile as my surface and pasta machine to roll the clay. But you can use an acrylic roller or anything round in shape to roll the clay. Make sure it in even. 

Step 2: Place the knob upside down on the rolled sheet of clay and cut the clay around the outline leaving half an inch allowance using the craft knife. Cover the knob using the clay. Make sure there are no air bubbles. 

Step 3: Now there are two options you can do to add character to these knobs. 

1) Use Small cookie cutters to create shapes like flowers : Here I used a tear shaped cookie cutter and build a flower shape on the top of the knob. I used a toothpick to add details on the petals and flower centre. 

2) Use a toothpick to carve designs on the clay covered knob : Here I used a toothpick to carve the design on the knob. I carved the design that is on the furniture door in which we are going to use the knobs. 

Step 4: Bake the knobs as per the instructions on the package of the clay. I used sculpey premo polymer clay so I baked the knobs at 275F for 45 mins. Allow it to cool and your knobs are ready. 

Embossed Clay knobs : 

The materials required are the same but the steps are little different. I showed the above two ways as an option for you.You can select whichever method suits your design and style

Step 1: Roll a sheet of clay as shown in step 1 above. Use any textured sheet to create an embossed effect. Here I'm using a flower patterned textured sheet to match the designs on the cabinet I'm using the knobs. The textured sheet I'm using is from Sculpey brand.  Place the sheet upside down on the sheet of clay and use the roller to make the impression of the design even. 

Step 2: Remove the sheet and place the knob upside down . Trace around the outline leaving half an inch allowance using the craft knife. Cover the knob the embossed clay circle. Make sure there are no air bubbles. 

Step 3: Bake the knobs as per the instructions on the package of the clay. I used sculpey premo polymer clay so I baked the knobs at 275F for 45 mins. Allow it to cool and your knobs are ready. 

Step 4: This step is totally optional. I felt the embossed design did not show well. So I applied a coat of black acrylic paint and removed it immediately using a paper towel to achieve an effect as shown below. Left is after applying the paint and right is without the paint. Which one do you like better? 
As you removed the paint, you can use the knobs immediately.  



Here is the complete picture of the cabinet. 

So what do you think about this inexpensive idea of using your old knobs to make new knobs? Don't be overwhelmed with the tools I used. You can use any round object lying around the house as a roller for your clay or get those plastic tubes with caps for $1 to use as a roller.(I got mine at A.C.Moore) And the same applies for textured sheet, you can use any textured item to make these embossed patterns such as stamps or even those textured paper coffee cups koozies can be used. Let me know what you think in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you.

You can also check this below post for detailed stamping tips and ideas. 

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  1. I love what can be done with polymer clay, your project is wonderful, I have never seen knobs made with clay before.
    Thanks for sharing on #OMHGWW this week!

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  7. I've never experimented with polymer clay before, it looks like fun. Your knobs came out great, and they look fabulous on the cabinet.Thanks for sharing #HomeMattersParty


  8. Those are amazing!! I have never used polymer clay but I would love to try. Do they hold on well? I mean, if you pull the knobs I guess they don't break...
    I chose this as my pick for next week party at Two Uses Tuesday, congratulations!!

    1. They hold very well Pili. It totally depends on what brand and type of clay you use. I always prefer Premo by sculpey compared to their sculpey III. I never had complaints. Thank you for choosing my post :)

  9. these are so lovely, and great inspiration for DIY - which I wish I did more of! grr--- but these are reason to start working on it more - definitely a great way to pep up bland or older furniture - thanks for sharing at #homemattersparty this week! xx Bee

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