Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DIY Wire Pumpkin Candle Holder

Last time when I went to the craft stores, I was just going through the aisle to see what new products have come for the fall season. I came across the metal pumpkins with a candle holder and the price for those were crazy. No, I wasn't going to buy them anyway because I don't have a proper place to put them in my apartment but I was very much inspired by the look of those metal pumpkins that I wanted to make DIY version of them. Those pumpkins are of course made by soldering heavy metal parts but for the knock off I needed something that is easily bendable at the same time it should look good too. I found colorful floral wires from the dollar store and thought they will be perfect to make wire pumpkins with a candle holder. Let's see how.
how to make a pumpkin candle holder

Materials Used:
Floral wire
Steel wire
Cardboard piece
Hot glue
Gold washi tape
Fake fall leaves of your choice

Step 1: Cut the floral wire to equal length using pliers (about 14 pieces measuring 10 inches for big pumpkin, 8 to 10 pieces measuring 6 to 7 inches for small pumpkins). One pack of floral wire comes about 6ft. I used two packs for big pumpkin and one pack for small pumpkins.

Step 2: Cut two cardboard pieces about 1.5 inches in diameter. Cover one side with gold washi tape. On the other side of one of the cardboard piece, use a pencil to mark where the wires need to be glued. 

Step 3: Use hot glue to glue the wires in place. Once the glue dries, use some more glue and stick the other cardboard piece on the top to cover the wires. 

Step 4: Bend around half an inch of each wire facing downwards. Then gather all the wires at the center and use a steel wire to secure it. I got the steel wire also in the dollar store. For the small pumpkins, I bend each wire facing upwards leaving a one-inch gap to form the bottom, then I left few inches of wire for the sides and repeated the same for the top. There is no rule to make these, just bend the wire however you want your pumpkins to look. 

Step 5: Cover the top with gold washi tape to mimic pumpkin stem and glue some leaves using hot glue. I used the leftover leaves from DIY fall wreath project. That's it. Your DIY wire pumpkin candle holder is ready. I used some pinecones inside the big wire pumpkin to decorate. I used LED candles instead of real candles as I have used cardboard as base and burlap leaves to decorate. I don't want to risk by using real candles here. You can use those big LED candles instead of the small ones if you want a more realistic look. 

floral wire crafts

fall decor using wire pumpkins candle holder

How to decorate a table for thanksgiving

You can use these wire pumpkins as mantel decoration or as a centerpiece for your tablescape. They will also look good if you hang them from the ceiling. In that case, you can glue the decorations you are placing inside the wire pumpkins. 

What do you think about these wire pumpkins? How will you use them in your fall decor? Share with me in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. 

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  1. i think this is a great idea u can use it for any holiday. or just as a center piece. I'am glad to be a new follower. I look forward to more crafts. thank you

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  6. I love the wire pumpkins! What a creative way to use floral wire. Pinning! #HomeMattersParty

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