Wednesday, December 7, 2016

DIY Holly Garland

 Have you started decorating for Christmas? Today I am sharing a simple DIY that is perfect for your Christmas decoration. You can use it to decorate your mantel or staircase or anywhere you desire. Let's see how.

how to make a holly garland using cardstock and pompoms

Materials Required:
Twine or cord of any kind
Pencil & scissors or Electronic cutting machine

Step 1: Draw a holly leaf in an ordinary paper and use it as a template to trace the leaf onto the cardstock. Cut the outline using scissors. I used my electronic cutting machine to cut the holly leaves. I cut 8 leaves per 12" X 12" sheet. 

Step 2: Take the cord you want to make the garland and thread a long needle on one side of the cord. In my case, I used green twine. String one pom-poms using the needle. 

Step 3: Apply a line of glue on one side of a holly leaf and place the cord on top of the glue to secure it in its place. Repeat the process of stringing a pom-pom and gluing a leaf until the desired length is reached.Allow the glue to dry. I used tacky glue for this and it dries clear. 

Step 4: Use chalk markers to add leaf details to both the sides. Secure the ends with a knot.The garland is now ready to decorate. 

To decorate the corners, you can add an extra leaf as shown below. 

How simple is that? You can also use a piece of tape to secure the leaves to the cord, if you want to speed up the process. I thought the method shown above gives a neat finish compared to using a tape so I preferred this. Share what you think of this simple DIY holly garland in the comments below.As always I will be happy to hear from you. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Oriental Trading. I have been compensated by craft supplies. However, the content and all the crafty ideas shared here are my own.

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  1. Love the ideas and the holly garland! Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party! Shared.

  2. Love this Sahana! Thanks for being such an awesome co-host of #homemattersparty

  3. This is a cute idea and so simple to make. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. The red pom poms are the perfect holly for your DIY garland. Lovely idea, pinned to my Christmas board. #HomeMattersParty

  5. Such a fun craft for kids! I love how they turned out!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  6. I love holly! What a fun and easy DIY project. :) #HomeMattersParty

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