Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How to repurpose oats container

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In this post, I am going to show how to repurpose those long oats containers. I have used these containers to store a lot of things but the problem is when I want one item, I have to dump the whole container to look for that one item. So, I decided repurpose the oats container into a container with containers inside(you get it, right? ;)) so that it is easy to organize and sort things inside. Let's see how.

Materials Used:
2 oats container
Cardstock of your choice
Velcro for closure

Step 1: Make a slit on one side of the container and cut open the container in such a way that half of the container is open. 

Step 2: Cover the container with card stock of your choice with double sided tape and decorate it with washi tape, if desired. If you want to overlap the container at the edge a little bit, leave an inch of card stock and fold it over to secure.

Step 3: Cut two pieces of paper, fold and secure it with tape to act as a closure. Glue a piece of velcro to the edge of the paper and glue the another piece of velcro to the container. 

Step 4: Trace the top or bottom part of the container on to a cardboard, cut four pieces of circle in the cardboard. Cover it card stock using tape or glue. 

Step 5: Glue one piece of cardboard to the top of the container using hot glue. 

Step 6: Now, cut the pieces for inside containers from another oats container or you can use any thin cardboard. Glue them on to the already prepared circle pieces from step 4.Cover them with cardstock and decorate with washi tape as desired. Containers are ready to be glued to the inside. 

Step 7: Now glue the containers to the inside of the already prepared container. If you have used an overlap in step 2, you have to leave an inch or so depending on the size of overlap while gluing the middle container so that the overlap can go in the gap and the container can close easily. The container is now ready to use for organizing supplies. 

I love how this container turned out. What do you think about this DIY? This way I don't have to dig through the container to take that one time. You can easily organize your supplies based on the categories. Have you done anything like this before? Share with us in the comments below. As always I would love to hear from you. '

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  1. This is such a clever and useful idea! I think these would also be great for traveling with your projects. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  2. This has got to win the award for best upcycle of an oatmeal container. Wow! Thanks for sharing your repurposing idea at this week's #HomeMattersParty

  3. Love this idea. I am going to try this and use it for my small pieces for my card making. Thanks

  4. I send cookies in pay meal containers. I put a large piece of cling wrap over the top then start adding cookies. Wrap it up and put the lid on.
    I wrap each container in small bubble wra . I've been known to send as many as a doz.container s at a time. My son is in the military, so he shares with his mates!(I hope!)
    I I

  5. This is so creative of you,Artistic and beautiful.

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