Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dining Table makeover using wallpaper + Giveaway!

Our dining table is a yard sale find. We found the dining table along with the bookshelf and the cabinet. Since the dining table was okay to use compared to other two items, I did not do anything to that. Then, life got busy with other things. When we moved from North Carolina to New Jersey, I did give a fresh coat of paint and then used my DIY laminated placemats and a sheet of clear vinyl to decorate. The dining table area in the current apartment is quite dark as it doesn't have any windows, I thought it is time to give the table a little makeover. Let's see how I did.

how to use wallpaper on furnitures

This is a sponsored post by Photowall. I have been compensated by the material. However, all the ideas shared are my own. 
Material Used:
Wallpaper paste
Something to smooth
Measuring tape

Step 1: Measure and cut the required size of the wallpaper according to the area you are applying. 

If you are planning to apply for the wall, Photowall makes it easier by delivering you the wallpaper by numbering them. You just have to cut it and align it side by side. Since I ordered the wallpaper with extra length I had to cut to the size of the table. 

Step 2: Mix the wallpaper paste. 

Mine came with the wallpaper in a powder form. The measurements given in the instructions paper were for the whole packet but the area I was working was smaller. So, I took 1/4 cup powder and mixed it to one cup of water. Later I added some more water to adjust the consistency. I was in a dilemma whether I am doing it right as this was my first-time experience with the wallpaper. At the end, I was happy that it worked out well. It was said that the paste needed to sit for 15 mins and after stirring for one last time, it is ready for use. 

Step 3: After 15 mins, apply a coat of the paste to the width of the first panel and an approximate of 2 to 3 inches more. 

Step 4: Carefully place the wallpaper aligning to the edges.Smooth the wallpaper as you apply just as would apply the contact paper. Then apply more wallpaper paste for the second panel and repeat until you complete. 

Now the dining table with the new makeover is ready to use. I am happy how quick and easy the project went. I really love the wallpaper quality and how it looks on the table. I am still going to use the clear vinyl on top to protect the surface from spills. The dining area now looks fresh with the flowers printed wallpaper without having to compromise the color scheme (In our apartment, all the furniture we own are mostly black or brown.So, I didn't want any drastic color change. I was happy I found this Black geranium wallpaper). Here is a closer look at the wallpaper. Photos did not do them justice as the natural light is very low in the dining area. 

I initially planned to do the sides as well but the instructions said to avoid hard crease and folds, so I avoided them.

What do you think about this update? Share with me in the comments below and as always I will be happy to hear from you. You could also win a canvas print from Photowall (Thank you Photowall for the generous gift!) for leaving a comment on this post or on any of the social media where I share this post. I will be picking winners from a random draw and will be announcing the winner on my Instagram account first on Feb 21. If you are not following there, follow me to get an update whether you won. And I will also be updating this post. The winner is Donna Powell. Congrats, Donna! 

Winner will be getting 1 Canvas print of any size. Shipping will be free for the US, the UK, and EU countries. If you are from any other country than the specified ones, shipping is on you. No worries, if you are not the winner, you still get a discount on your purchase. Here is a 20% off discount code -  VikalpahCampaign2018

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  1. This wallpaper is beautiful! I love the colors and the flowers. You are so creative to put it on the table, I'm loving this idea. #HomeMattersParty

  2. I have never tried wallpaper on a table but I love how it turned out. #HomeMattersParty

  3. The wallpaper print you used looks so pretty on the table. What a neat way to give a dining table a makeover. Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty link up.

  4. What a cleaver idea! I love the wallpaper you selected. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

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  6. That turned out just beautifully, Sahana! Thanks for sharing this inspiration at the #homemattersparty :)

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