Wednesday, August 8, 2018

DIY Hanging pegboard perfect solution for saving space in the closet

Last week, I shared how I organized my craft supplies in a shared closet. Today I am sharing an in-depth DIY on how to make a hanging pegboard to organize craft supplies which are rarely used(often buried in boxes) and organized in its original packing. Having supplies in a shared closet means space is a big constraint. Hanging them saves a lot of space. We installed a pegboard in my previous craft space(North Carolina) to organize my craft supplies. It was very useful to get a clear picture of what I have in my stash and also to brainstorm ideas with what I already have. As installing a pegboard inside our current closet is pretty tricky I decided to make this hanging pegboard. Let's see how.

space saving craft supplies diy organization ideas for closet

Materials Used:

Printed cotton - 1/4 yard
Poster board - 13" X 13"
A Hanger
Grommets - 1/2" inch
Fabric scissors
Craft knife
Pencil & ruler
Mouldable plastic(optional) or S hooks

Step 1: Mark the spots for grommet holes in the poster board using a pencil and the ruler. Cut the holes using a craft knife.

I made 9 holes of 3 in 3 rows. I cut a 13" X 13" size of a poster board and marked the spots for grommet holes after leaving 1.5" on the top. (The picture is upside down ) I decided the width based on the width of the hanger.

Step 2: Measure and cut the fabric leaving 0.25" allowance for 3 sides and leaving 3" on the top to fold it over the hanger. Sew three sides and cut the bottom corners at an angle before turning inside out to get clean edges and to avoid bulkiness.

Step 3: Insert the poster board and top stitch along three sides to secure the board. Use a white crayon or marking pen to mark areas where the grommets go. 

Step 4: Use the craft knife and scissors to create room for grommets to go in. Make a plus - first use the craft knife to tear a line(Vertically) and then use scissors to make the tear in another direction(Horizontally). Then insert one side of the grommet. Repeat the steps for all the holes. 

Step 5: Turn the whole thing to the other side. Insert the washer and use the installation kit with the hammer to lock the grommets in its place. (Follow the instructions in the package). Repeat the steps for all the grommets. 

Step 6: Use the hanger and fold the allowance on the top of the board and make a stitch to complete the hanging pegboard.

Another final step which is completely optional. In order to avoid a trip to the store, I made my own hooks to use with this hanging pegboard. I had the mouldable plastic that my cousin sister gifted me long back and I never got to use it. So, I thought I will give it a try. Along the process of making the hooks, I got an idea that instead of making "S" hooks if I make "W" hooks it will be easy to hang things on both sides with a single hook instead of using two "S" hooks for each side. This step is self-explanatory but if you want to skip this you can purchase "S" hooks from the store and use it to hang things. 

Mouldable plastic is a fun medium where you will have small white beads which turns into a clay-like thing when immersed in hot water. You have to use a spoon to take it out and mould it into a shape of your choice. You will have a few minutes before it turns into a solid. You can immerse the created object into hot water again to mould it. Fun, isn't it? 

What do you think about this hanging organizer? Would you make this for organizing your supplies in the closet? Share your comments and as always I will be happy to hear from you. 

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