Thursday, December 6, 2018

DIY window clings using glass paint

Window clings are a fun way to decorate your glass doors or windows for any season. These window stickers come in fun patterns and colors for every occassion but what is more fun than making them on your own. It is truly a joyful moment to when sunlight peaks through these stickers. Kids would have more fun with this. It is a great activity to do with them. Okay! Now on to the DIY.

Materials Used:
Gallery glass Liquid leading
Glass paint in color of your choice
Plastic surface with glossy finish or a piece of glass
Stencils or drawings for guidance.

Step 1: Place the plastic surface or glass on top of the drawings.(I'm using a stencil blank as the surface). Use the liquid leading and draw the outline of the pictures you want it as the window sticker/clings. Allow the paint to dry for 8 hours.

Step 2: Fill in the colors as desired. You can add the features like eyes or decoration on top of another color as these glass paint don't mix or spread. Allow the paint to dry for 8 hours. 

Step 3: Now it is the time to peel the sticker and place them on your windows or glass doors to enjoy your beautiful creation. The stickers are so thin like a paper once they are dry. You can reuse it by placing it back on the plastic surface and covering it with a plastic wrap until you open it next time. Aren't they cute? 

Here are some of the things which you might want to know before working with these paints.

  • The liquid leading is quite thicker and therefore it is difficult to draw intricate details. (You can see the christmass tree sticker, it was difficult to draw those edges.)

  • The good thing is you can trim the edges of the lead lines after it is dry using scissors. 

  • When you are adding details or adding another color near the previous color, be cautious and tilt the bottle slowly as the paint flows faster when you press. 

  • Be sure to fill the glass paint touching the lead lines(Black outline) as it will create holes if it is not properly filled. 

  • Making it thicker doesn't solve the purpose.I wanted to know whether if I apply more paint I will get the same effect. The answer is "No". If you make the paint thick, you lose the translucent effect, the stickers doesn't stick well to the glass and also it takes a lot of time(More than a day) to dry.Also, If you peel the sticker before it is dry you will end up tearing it. The dry time mentioned in the package is applicable only if you apply the paint normally. Thicker layers takes more time than you imagine. I tried peeling it after 16 hours and ended up tearing. Since I did not remove it completely the paint kind of sealed it but you can see the tear(Picture 3) in the sticker. 

Can you see the difference in look between the stickers? 

  • You can make stickers with just the glass paint. I wanted to try it so I wrote "Happy Holidays" using the glass paint. The stickers came out nice. 

  • If you don't want bubbles in your stickers, use a toothpick to break them before the paint is dry. Or you will end up getting bubbles in your stickers. 

What do you think about these window stickers? Have you tried making them before? Share with me in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.Some of the items in this post were sent to me for free. 

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  1. Fun! I remember making these when I was a kid, but we mixed food coloring into glue to make the colors first. #HomeMattersParty

  2. What do you use to paint on? Regular kitchen plastic wrap? Parchment paper?

    1. I am using a glossy stencil blank but any glossy surface that is smooth works. I don't think plastic wrap will work as it may have wrinkles and doesn't stay smooth while creating these clings. Hope it helps.