Thursday, September 12, 2019

DIY Stenciled Clock

Hello!!! I'm here after a long time. Hope you all are doing great.  Life has been crazy with unexpected events and I finally found some time to post a simple DIY for you all. My husband met with an accident while crossing the road to his office. He is slowly recovering and trying hard to get back on his own. My days are a bit chaotic with an active toddler who needs my attention all the time, the husband who needs help and other household chores. It's hard to find time for crafting and blogging in between these but my mind always craves for creative breaks wanting to try new projects. I am trying to find a balance but taking one day at a time and hoping to be back soon with fresh DIY ideas. For now, let's see how to make this easy stenciled DIY clock on a square panel. 

Materials Used :
Square panel 12" X 12"
Contact paper for stencil
Scissors & Craft knife
Acrylic paints & paintbrush
Clock Movement kit
Tacky glue

Step 1: Paint the square wood panel in the color of your choice.

Step 2: Measure and cut the contact paper to fit the size of the square panel. Use a compass to draw a circle on the back of the contact paper for the clock. Fold the contact paper in half and then into half again. Cut the circle shape. The circle is 10" in diameter. Mark the center of the square panel using a pencil and paste the contact paper as shown in the picture. (Use the painter tape to adjust the contact paper before sticking it to the wood panel) Save the circle part of the contact paper(Detail on later steps).

Step 3: Remove the backing of the contact paper and stick it to the wood panel. Cover the circle area using acrylic paint in 2 to 3 layers allowing it to dry between layers. Once dry, cut the circle-shaped contact paper(From the previous step) for 0.25" on the outer edge and stick to the center. This helps to create a border for the clock. Use black acrylic paint to complete the border. Remove the contact paper once everything is dry.

Step 4: Glue the numbers in its place using glue. I used tacky glue for this. 

Step 5: Drill hole in the center. Screw the center part from the back. Insert the clock handles one(hour hand) by one(Minute hand) then seconds hand to lock it in place. 

Step 6: This is an optional step. I felt like the clock looks very simple and decided to add some designs all around so I used stencils and paint to add them. Tape the stencil and load the paintbrush with very little paint. Dab them in slow motion on the stencil to make the design(More tips on stenciling). Remove the stencil to reveal the design and allow it to dry. Your clock is now ready.

How easy was that? Have you tried making your own clock? I have transformed a clock but this was my first time at making my own clock. With the clock movement kit, it was so easy to make this clock. To make it unique, initially, I tried making the handles as glow in the dark. As the area was too small, the paint did not work well. I really wish it worked. If you try to implement this idea, do try it with somewhat bigger clock hands or superior quality of glow in the dark paint and don't forget to share the picture of the completed project with me.
I tried with whatever I had on hand. The clock hands and the numbers were gold but I painted it black to be more prominent in the coral background. I started with an idea for this clock months ago and I finally completed it last week. So, I made a lot of changes to the idea as I progressed. I love how the finished clock looks. I only wish the clock hands could have been a little bigger. Share with me what you think about this clock in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. 

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