Tuesday, October 22, 2019

DIY neck pillow for car

My husband has been using the DIY travel pillow wrapped around the neck of the driver seat in the reverse (front to back) that I made four years ago as a car neck pillow. It has started to fade and worn out and so I thought I will try making a neck pillow especially meant for the car. This DIY was on the to-do list for so long and I finally got a few hours to try this project. I love how simple and easy this project was to make. If you are looking to try a simple sewing project to practice this is a perfect one. It can also be made without the sewing machine as it involves fewer stitches, this car pillow can be easily hand-stitched using the backstitch method. Let's see how. 

Material required :
Cotton fabric 

Two rectangle pieces - 10" X 6.5"

Step 1: This is an optional step. If you have a matching elastic for the fabric you can skip this step. Since I only had white elastic on hand, I decided to cover it with the fabric I am using to sew the pillow. Cut a long piece(depending on the length of the fabric you have, if you only have small pieces join pieces together) of fabric with 1.5" width. Fold the fabric in half and sew with 0.25" seam allowance. Attach a safety pin to one layer on one end of the stitch loop. Insert the pin through the loop and turn it out. Then insert the elastic into the stitched loop to cover the elastic as shown. Remove the safety pin just before you attach it to the main pillow to avoid the loop unraveling. 

Step 2: With right sides facing each other, stitch along the lines as shown in the second picture. 

Step 3: Insert the stitched loop to one end and make a top stitch to secure.

Step 4: Fill it with the stuffing and insert the other end. Use straight pins to prevent the elastic from moving for stitching. Topstitch or hand stitch to secure the elastic and the pillow is done. 

Isn't it a simple project? The steps can be altered a little bit, I have explained it in a way it is easy to understand. You can attach the elastic on one end while sewing both the rectangles together and then turn it inside out and follow the rest of the steps. You can topstitch after to maintain an even look on both sides. Do you have a neck pillow in your car? or Do you wish to have one? Share what you think in the comments below. 

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  1. That's nice that the neck pillow can attach to the chair itself. Also, it's great for those that don't have a sewing machine can still make. #homemattersparty

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