Wednesday, November 6, 2019

DIY Fire fighter Costume

I'm here with this year's Halloween costume of my toddler son. My son is currently fond of all kinds of trucks. He watches Blippi videos(You know who he is if you are a parent for sure ;) and likes most of his truck songs like garbage truck song, fire truck song, tractor song, etc. Among all those songs fire truck song is one of his favorites. He also watches a video where a fire truck put off and from that day where I ask him what he wants to dress up like for Halloween and his answer would be - Firefighter. One day after a trip to Spirit Halloween shop, I took a couple of pictures(Garbage truck, mailman and firefighter costume) about the costumes they sell and showed him. He was like I want all of these costumes. But I stuck with the firefighter costume:-P. Considering the price of ready-made costume, I wanted to keep the costume budget-friendly at the same time, re-usable. So, Here is how I put together this firefighter costume. 


Materials Used:
Black shirt and pants
Yellow duct tape
Grey Washi tape
Spray bottle

Take a black shirt and black pants. Use yellow duct tape and tape two rows of it. Do it approximately 2" at a time avoiding wrinkles. Start from buttonhole flap in the center and tape around it and finish it on the button flap on the other side. Do the same for the grey washi tape in the middle as shown in the picture. You can also use grey duct tape, as I had washi tape already I decided to go with it. Also, the width of the washi tape was perfect for the yellow duct tape. 
Repeat the same for pant legs and hands. The dress part is ready. You can also print your town's fire department logo and cut it out. Seal it with packing tape and use double-sided tape to stick it on to the shirt. 
It is as easy as that, isn't it? Just remove the tape, once the Halloween is over and you can use the shirt and pant as normal everyday outfit. Cool, right? 

Firefighter Cap/ Hard hat:
Material used:
Hard hat
Black acrylic paint and brush
Hot glue
Black fabric of some sort
Sticky back Velcro fasteners

Get a hard hat in the dollar tree costume section. Paint it black and remove the elastic as it might be uncomfortable for kids to wear. Hot glue two black strips of fabric and stick the ends with sticky back velcro fasteners. 



Fire extinguisher:
Materials Used:
Spray bottle
Red and black acrylic paint and brushes
Print of information
Packing tape 
Double-sided tape

Paint the bottom of the spray bottle from Dollar tree in red. It took two coatings of paint to make the bottle opaque. Allow it to dry in between the coatings. Cover the info label with packing tape and use double-sided tape or glue stick to glue it on to the bottle. 



Firetruck trick or treat basket:
Materials used :
Cardboard box for fire truck basket
E6000 or any strong glue & Glue sticks
Milk carton for handle
Duct tape
Craft knife
Wrapping paper or any color paper to cover the inside of the box 
Firetruck image printed on a paper - each side separately

Step 1: Cut a plastic strip from a milk carton to use as a handle for the basket. Cover it with black duct tape as shown. 

Step 2: Make slits in the center part of the cardboard box edges on both sides as shown. Insert the handle and glue it using strong glue to hold the handle in place. Once the glue dries, cover the inner box with wrapping paper. 

Step 3: Print each side of the fire truck in a separate paper from a free template. Measure each side and print accordingly. I used Microsoft Word to do this. Cut and glue using a glue stick to make the fire truck basket. I covered the bottom using red wrapping paper before I glued the fire truck. And the trick and treat basket is ready. 

This is how I put together my son's this year Halloween costume. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, as always I would love to hear from you. 

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