Wednesday, July 29, 2020

DIY Cardboard Sit down table from diaper box

I wanted a table for my laptop when I sit on the floor to work, growing up I have seen my friend use a sit-down table to do her homework. I thought it was a simple style and would be a perfect one to have for my toddler son to use as an activity table or for homework going forward as well as a laptop table for me.

When I was about to recycle the diaper box, I thought why not make my own version of the sit-down table using a cardboard box and here it is. Let's see how to make it. 

Materials used:

Diaper box
Utility knife/box cutter
A pen or marker
Tissue paper
Patterned Scrapbook paper
Clear tape

Step 1: Cut the top flap of the diaper box or any cardboard box you wanted to use. 

Step 2: Fill any gaps and add additional layers of cardboard for extra strength using the cardboard cut from previous steps.

Step 3: Measure and mark the areas where you want to cut the extras to make it as a table. Initially, my plan was to cut all the four sides then I felt like it is better to leave the sides as is for the stability of the table. I left 2" inch all around and then the legs were 1.5" on the sides. I marked a 1" triangle on the sides so that it is easy for shaping it later instead for straight edges. 

Step 4: Cut the front and back as marked from the previous step.

Step 5: Cut strips of tissue paper around 2" width. Spray the mod podge both front and inside and cover the edges of the table where cardboard corrugation is visible. Do this all over the table (Front, back as well as the bottom). Allow it to dry. Repeat it using another layer of tissue paper and mod podge and allow it to dry. 

Step 6: Now cover the remaining areas of the table including the sides and inside. I left the top as I am going to cover it with scrapbook paper. If you are planning to leave it plain then cover it with tissue paper for the paint to adhere evenly all over the table. 

Step 7: Spray paint in your color of choice. I chose black spray paint and did 2-3 coats drying in between each coat of paint. I also sprayed a clear coat but it is optional. You can omit this step if you are using patterned tissue paper and give a coat of Mod podge to protect the surface. 

Step 8: Cover the top with scrapbook paper using mod podge. Allow it to dry. 

Step 9: Cover the top with clear contact paper and I used clear tape on the corner to avoid the contact paper from peeling since the contact paper did not have strong adhesion. This is a totally optional step. Since I have a toddler running around and spilling things I wanted to add extra protection. :) That's it! The table is done. 

 How do you like this table? I have been using this cardboard table for the past week and I love it. I wish the width could have been a little longer if I want to use the table while sitting in cross-legged pose other than that I love the way it turned out. We have been using this cardboard table while making puzzles, coloring, and also to other activities with my toddler. We are enjoying it! Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you to make your own version. Share with us in the comments below - what do you like about this cardboard table DIY? 

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  1. Very creative, Sahana. Looks sturdy as well.

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