Saturday, August 8, 2020

How to make personalized face masks chain holder for kids

Here is a simple solution to prevent kids from messing around with masks? Masks chain or masks holder for kids. We encourage our toddler to wear face mask all the time we are out but sometimes when he feels sweaty or after a prolonged time of wearing he justs removes it and doesn't know where to put and ends up in the ground within the moment we(parents) realize. Tell me if it has happened to you in the comments below. So, I made these DIY personalized mask chain for kids(3 ways) that I am going to show how in the step by step tutorial below. 

Toddler wearing masks with a chain to hold and how to make in three different ways

Personalized face masks chain for kids :

Materials Used:
Step 1: Make the name part of the chain. Take a piece of jewelry wire(Around 6" depending on the name length) add a stopper bead and a lobster clasp. Insert the end into the stopper bead and use pliers to squeeze the bead to work as a stopper. 

Note: You can use an eye pin for this if you have a short name. Since the name I used didn't fit in the eye pin.

Step 2: Then string a tiny bead and then alphabets beads on the wire.End with a tiny bead, a stopper bead, and then one end of the chain. Repeat the same step as above like stringing the end of the jewelry wire into the stopper bead and then into one or two alphabet beads. Hold the wire with pliers on one hand and pull it tight to secure the chain and also to avoid the gap. Using the pliers to squeeze the bead to secure the chain. Then trim the excess wire using pliers or scissors. 

Step 3: One end of the mask chain is done. Now to the other end. Open a jump ring using the pliers, add the chain, and the lobster clasp. Close it using the pliers. The personalized face mask chain is done. This chain can be worn both by boys and girls. And you can customize to their liking. I felt like brass finish face mask chain could look cool on boys compared to silver or gold chain. 

Personalized masks chain necklace for girls

Materials Used:
Step 1: Take the jewelry wire and add a stopper bead and a lobster clasp. Insert the end into the stopper bead and use pliers to squeeze the bead to work as a stopper. Add the beads to the jewelry wire in the design of your choice. Add the name beads in any one of the sides. 

Step 2:
Once the desired length is achieved, add a stopper bead and a lobster clasp. Insert the end of the jewelry wire into the stopper bead and two more beads. Hold the jewelry wire with pliers and use the other end hand to hold the end of the wire to pull it tight. Use the pliers and squeeze the bead to secure the clasp in place. A personalized mask chain necklace is done. 

Alternate idea: Instead of making a new mask chain necklace. Turn any necklace you already have into a masks chain by adding a lobster clasp to the other end(Extension link side/Jump ring side) of the necklace. 

Make a simple masks holder using leather cord 

Materials used:
Step 1: Squeeze the leather cord into one of the spiral end caps. Use pliers and press the last spiral to lock the leather cords in place. 
Step 2: Open a jump ring, add the end cap and lobster clasp. Close it using the pliers. 
Step 3: Repeat the same on the other side to finish the leather cord masks holder. 

I used two leather cord as my toddler wanted these two colors and also to add some thickness as one leather cord seems to be very thin for kids. You can use a bulkier leather cord or a paracord or a braided friendship bracelet instead of a leather cord. 

Alternative ideas for supplies :
  • Use alligator clips or carabiner style clips or metal badge clip instead of a lobster clasp. Use whatever you have on hand.
  • Straighten a paper clip to use as an eye pin.
  • You could also use a key ring as the ends and make your own friendship bracelet using embroidery thread to connect the bracelet to the rings. 
  • If you aren't sure about the cord/chain length then add a stopper in the center to adjust the cord. 

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  1. That's so clever of you to make mask chains and even better to personalize it. I had to laugh when you wrote they just throw it down ~ I can so picture that! #homemattersparty

  2. Great idea! What gauge jewelry wire do you use? Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Finn :) The missed the label somewhere so I don't know the exact number I used but 24 or 26 gauge wire will be perfect.Hope this helps.

  3. I tried making personalized face mask chain holders for my kids, and they loved it. It's a practical solution to keep their Buckshot Roulette masks within reach, and the customization allowed me to tailor each holder to their preferences.

  4. Sahana, your guide on creating personalized face mask chain holders is a lifesaver! It's such a practical yet stylish way to keep masks handy for kids, especially when they're prone to losing them. I love how customizable this project is, allowing for a fun activity to do together with my kids, and making their mask-wearing experience a bit more exciting. Thanks for sharing this clever DIY solution!
    James from Y9 Games