Wednesday, January 27, 2021

DIY kids calendar- How to make Preschool calendar at home

Have you ever thought to make your own DIY kids calendar for your toddler? I felt I should make one as he was repeatedly asking what day was yeasterday? and what days is tomorrow? And, I felt a calendar would help him understand the whole concept of months, days and dates. Here I am sharing the whole process of how I made my own so that you can get inspired and make your own.  

Materials Used:

Free Printable for DIY kids calendar 

Here I am showing you how I made the calendar without a printer. If you have a printer you can use the free printable linked above to print the template for the same measurements I am showing below. The project display board I am using is 27.25"(L) X 39.25" (W). Adjust the measurements of your template based on the base board you are using. 

Step 1: Make the months and days template on four different cardstock. For this draw a rectangle measuring- 1.5"(w) X 7"(L) using a pencil. I have split the months among the four colors based on the seasons like the Winter months in blue, summer in yellow, Fall in orange, and Spring in green. I then split the day's template also among the four colors. 

Step 2: Cut the cardstocks on the outer outline roughly using scissors to laminate the sheets. You can use self-laminating sheets or even sandwiching the cardstock between packing tape works. Here I am using a laminator and so I open the laminating sheets and arranging the cardstock inside. To get the most out of it, I am filling the spaces around by cutting the months and days from other cardstock. Then pass it through the laminator once it is ready. 

Step 3: Cut each month and day separately from the laminated sheet using scissors. I saved one sheet of cardstock without laminating as the sheet has a lot of empty spaces left around. 

Step 4: Use the days and months template and measure the space for years template. I planned to include 4 years from now. So, I measured the area where the years go and made the template for it. This template measures - 1.5"(W) X3.5"(L). I wrote the years in pencil for guidance and traced using a black marker. I followed the same method for the months and days in the above step. Then laminated it with  the cardstock I kept aside in the step 3

Note: Be sure to use an eraser to erase the pencil markings before laminating. 

Step 5: Then I made the dates template by measuring the space between the days and the years. So, I ended up making the dates template/cards measuring - 1.5"W X 2" L . 

Step 6: Making weather and seasons cards. Using the cards made already, I placed them in the center to determine the measurement for the weather and seasons card. I planned to place on the left and the a thermometer to display the temperature on the right. I measured the space and ended up with the measurements of 2.5"W X 2"L cards for weather and seasons. 

I drew the seasons and weather and laminated them along with the dates cards/templates. 

Step 7: I drew a thermometer on a cardstock and cut along the outline. Then I made the marker using a piece of laminated sheet but you could use any clear plastic like a piece from a take out box. Then I cut two rectangles leaving a gap in the middle using a craft knife. Then used a red marker and drew a line in the middle to mark the temperature on the thermometer. I colored the thermometer using warm and cool colors to denote the feels like weather such as very hot, hot, warm, cool, cold and freezing cold. I used foam dots to stick it to the display board. 

Step 8: I used a black marker to write the headings on the project display board. Added Velcro dots to the back to make it reusable. Check the video below on how I added the dots to the back. The calendar is now complete.

I love how it turned out.I am happy that it is big and colorful so that it is easy for the young minds to grasp. Its been three days I made this calendar and my little one is already enjoying changing the dates daily and checking the temperature and learning the big numbers. If you feel this project will help a friend or a family member, please do share it with them. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. 

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