Sunday, March 28, 2021

DIY Perler Beads Spring Wreath - Minimalist wreath Idea

 Make this simple one-shot DIY Perler beads spring wreath to welcome and celebrate Spring. Does making wreaths daunt you? No more. Try this minimalist wreath with just beads. I always try to come up with different things to make with one craft supply that you got in a sale or you saw a project on Pinterest or Instagram and then it just sits in your closet collecting dust. So, I kind of always starting new projects with things I already have at home, and with that said let's see what I came up with the Perler beads. 

Materials Used:

Perler beads

Perler beads pegboard



Parchment paper

Wooden dowels or craft sticks

Glue gun & glue sticks

Step 1: Connect the four pegboards(2X2)Assemble the flower pattern as shown in the picture. You can also try making your own flower pattern. I tried different ways and ended up with this flower pattern below. 

Step 2: Use a bead color of your choice and make the square shape for the outline of the wreath. Use a transparent color bead as the second line to hold and also to fill in the square shape better. 

I love this big box of beads to try different projects:

Step 3: Close the beads with parchment paper and Iron. 

Step 4: Carefully remove the paper to see if the pattern has fused together. If not, adjust and fuse them together by repeating step 3. Once it is done, remove the wreath from the board and place it on the table and cover it again to fuse the other side. 

Step 5: Make small flowers in contrasting color beads. Use hot-glue to attach the flowers to the wreath. I used a circular pegboard and made two small flowers(Pattern below) with shades of pink and glued them to the sides of the big yellow flower I made. 

Step 6: Glue wood dowels at the back for the beads to hold the square shape better. I initially thought the beads themselves will hold the shape but they didn't when I lifted the wreath from the pegboard. So, I added the dowels for some stability. That's it. The wreath is now done. 

Step 7: This step is optional. If you feel like you want to add some sayings in the middle like "Hello Spring" you can use store bought metal wordings or cut your own in cardstock and glue them. I was pretty excited to share this idea and so I quickly wrapped up this project.But I did add the wordings while editing the picture to show you how it looks and also made a free "Hello Spring"cut file in case you want to cut your own sign. 

Download the Silhouette cut file here

Also, checkout dollar stores for the metal wording to use in your projects.

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