Tuesday, April 6, 2021

DIY bike license plate with free printable

 While my husband and son were looking at the bikes to buy for our little one, I was glancing through the nearby aisles and found cute little fake license plates hanging with the price tag of $10. And I was like I can DIY those easily and came home excited to make the fake license plates for my little one's bike. I have put together templates for some states as requested by the friends over at Instagram. Don't see your state template? Leave me a comment or email me so that I will add that to the list so we all can have a free download templates to make our own license plate for kids' bicycles. How fun?💃

Materials Used:

White Cardstock


Laminator or self-laminating pouches

Hole punch


Pipe cleaner or any wire to attach it to the bike

Template for your state. 

Download the free template for kids car/bike license plate craft 

Step 1: Download the number plate for the state of your choice. Go to Canva.com. Click "Create a design" and select "Edit photo" at the bottom right of the drop-down list. Select the downloaded number plate template. 

Step 2: Once the template opens up, select "text" from the left column options and select "Add a heading", the text box appears on the image. Select the font type. I have used " Bebas Neue" .Type the word/name or number you want, resize to the size you like, and save it/Download it. 

Step 3: Open a word document, insert the picture you have saved from the Canva onto the word document. (As I don't have /Microsoft word, I'm using docs. google.com) Adjust the size of the number/License plate based on the vehicle you are planning to use by selecting "Image options". For my son's 16" bike, I used 6" X 3" and it was perfect. 

Step 4: Print it onto the white cardstock. Select "File -> Print". Google automatically transforms the document into a pdf and downloads the file. Open the file and select "Print:.  Make sure the "actual size" is selected in the printer setting and print the document. 

Step 5: Laminate it using a laminator or a self-laminating pouch. Cut the corners and add two holes on the sides or at the top based on how you want to hang. Use a wire or a pipe cleaner to attach it to the bike or kid's toy car. Your license plate is now ready to rock the Sidewalk :)

Don't have a laminator? Try these self laminating pouches. 

Hope you like this simple DIY project. As I said eariler, if you don't find the template for the state you are looking for, fill this form , email me at vikalpah@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I will try my best to make the template and add it to the list. 

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  1. I'm definitely making a personalized license plate for my grandson's new bike.

    1. Yay! Please do share a picture if you do. I would love to see your version.