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Best Truck books for toddlers

Are you searching for the best trucks to buy for your truck-loving toddler? You have come to the right place. I have a soon to be 4 years old who is a truck fan. He loves truck books and we have even been through a phase where he will only read books with trucks. So, if you have a child at home similar to mine, this list might help you build your library. 

Cars, Trucks, and things that go

This book is all about the beautiful illustrations of different vehicles which included some old-time versions of current vehicles, some unconventional/fun vehicles like bananamobile, Pickle truck, carrot car, etc. Initially, when we borrowed the book from the library(when he was 2 years old) my son didn't show much interest but when we discovered Goldbug, we had so much finding where he is hiding on each page of the book. He also enjoyed the piggie family's picnic trip. 

Good night, Good night, Construction site

This book discusses the job that each truck does and how the trucks end their work for the day at the construction site and say good night. When we plan early bedtime, we say night night to each truck and finally say "Alexa, turn the lights off" to doze off for the day. 

Where do diggers sleep at night?

When he is so sleepy and asks for a book, this is the one we always chose to read. Quick, simple read covering all the trucks. Each page has different trucks with one of the parents with the baby trucks and talks about bedtime routine like Cleaning up the toys, taking a shower, brushing the teeth, turning the lights off, hugging and kissing, etc. 

Three cheers for Kid Mcgear

A wonderful story about the Skid steer and how he joins others trucks at the construction site. First, all of the trucks say, he is tiny and can't do a lot of work. But when he heard the big trucks calling for help, he rescues them using different kinds of attachments along with dump truck and concrete mixer truck. 

Stanley's Garage

This book was a score from our library book sale. It is a pretty old style(I mean the tow truck and the scenarios) book but a cute and simple one. My son loves how each people comes to Stanley's garage for different car problems such as flat tire, overheating, etc. 

1000 things that go

This I would say is one of the must-have books if your child has an interest in learning about things that go. I got this book as a surprise to keep him engaged in a very long flight(12 hours) to India when he was 1 year old. He loved this very much and happily glanced through the whole flight. Now that he is 4 years old, he still loves this book very much and knows the name of most of the vehicles. He chooses a new page every now and then and asks me to repeat the vehicle names. Definitely check this out, if you don't already have this book. 

Convertible Fire Engine

This is a fun and a little expensive one where it is a book, play mat as well as a mini fire truck. We got this as a gift for my son's third birthday. He loves it and asks me to set it up as Firetruck once in a while. A good one to add it your wishlist if you have a budget. 

Construction zone

This is another library book sale score. The book has great pictures from real-life construction and my son loves seeing real-life pictures compared to illustrations. So, he learned new construction terminology words like a Mason, scaffolds, Rebar, etc from this book. 

Road work

We love this book and pretty much sing all the lines in the book as a rhythm. Each page has 3 to 4 lines that describe the role of the particular construction vehicle like Bulldozer moves the earth, Road roller - rolls over the tar along with the sounds it makes. Our favorite page is the Road roller one which starts as "Roll the tar, Roll the tar " (I'm singing the lines as I am writing, We have enjoyed it that much ) 

Maisy's bus

An yet another library score. My son loves to know what each animal carries for the picnic to the beach. We love the names of the animal and my son loves to say the color of the other trucks that travel along with Maisy's bus. 

Some other trucks book you might like: 

What's up fire truck?

I came across this 3 D book. If you are looking for a 3D book like the one I have shared above and feels like it is expensive. Check this one, though this one is not as large as the Convertible fire engine, still a good one. 

Little blue truck leads the way

We picked up two versions of the Little blue truck book - One with the farm animals. It was reviewing the animals' sounds after a long time along with a beautiful story of how if we respect all our friends' and we will help from them when we are in need. We also loved the little blue truck leads the way book. 

Rumble! Vroom! Zoom! Listen to things that go

If your little one loves sounds. Check this sound book with vehicle pictures. A perfect beginner book.

Lift the flap tab book : Trucks

We have tried this book from library and it is a good book that keeps the child engaged with lifting flaps and exploring. 

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