Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How to make a Mango leaf thoranam | DIY Mango leaf toran for doors, backdrops and pooja mandir

 Don't get real mango leaves for your festival decorations? I feel you, try this realistic-looking DIY mango leaf toran for your entryway which is also perfect to beautify your pooja mandirs and also a great addition to backdrop during festival season. Let's see how to make it. 

Materials Used :

Mango leaf to print for Toran - PDF download 

Dollar stores product links:

Step 1: Print the Mango leaf printable on the transfer paper. Make sure to purchase the right transfer paper depending on the printer you own. For example, The sheets I used are for Inkjet printers and dark fabrics. There is transfer paper available for laser printers and for light color fabrics. Also, If you won't use many sheets there are transfer sheets available in 3 sheets per pack at JoAnn, hobby lobby stores. Make sure to use coupons to lower the price per sheet. You will need only two sheets of transfer paper to make one toran. One toran is approximately 35" inches long and uses 16 to 18 mango leaves depending on the design.

Step 2: Heat the Iron and set it to the Cotton setting without water (If you have an Iron that works with a water spout for steam Ironing). Use a cloth on a solid surface while using the transfer paper. I am using white cotton fabric on a table and then placed the green felt over it. Iron the felt fabric to remove any wrinkles. Then remove the backing from the transfer paper and place the transfer paper on the felt. 

Step 3: Cover the transfer paper with the protective sheet that comes in the package. (Looks like parchment paper)Iron in small circles until the whole sheet is covered. You will see the difference between the areas where the heat is applied and where it is not if you lift the protective sheet so you can go over that area until it is transferred. 

Step 4: Use scissors and cut each mango leaf. 

How to make realistic looking mango leaf toran:

Step 5: Cut a ribbon you want to use approximately 41" long. Then, Use the leaves you cut from step 4, apply a glue dot at the edge of a mango leaf and then paste on the ribbon. Repeat the steps and make sure you leave even spacing between each leaf and around 3" inches on the edges. 

Tip: Avoid using hot glue to glue the leaves to the ribbon as the glue seeps into the ribbon and leaves a mark that doesn't look good. 

Step 6: Apply a dot of glue at the back of each leaf and secure it with another string of ribbon for a clean finish.

Step 7: Take a piece of wire around 2", twist it using pliers to make a circle. Insert it into the ribbon and fold it over so that it covers the twisted part and hot glue it in place. Repeat the same steps on the other side to complete the toran. 

DIY mango leaf toran with bells

Step 1: Fold the edge of the mango leaf on one side to the back around half an inch and hot glue it to create a loop. Do this for all the leaves.

Step 2: Take a braiding cord or a cotton twine and make a knot creating a loop. Make a double knot for extra security. Thread a long needle on the other end of the cord.  

Step 3: String the beads, pom-poms, and leaves in your desired pattern. I used metallic pony beads, yellow and red pom-poms alternatively, and mango leaves.  

Step 4: When you reach the desired length, fold the cord and make a double knot creating a loop to complete the toran. 

Step 5: Adding bells to each leaf - This is an optional step. Take a small needle and double thread it and knot it at the end. Insert the needle at the edge of the mango leaf, add the bell to the thread. Insert the needle again from the front to back and secure it with a double knot. Add a drop of glue for extra security. Repeat the same steps to add bells for all mango leaves. Adding bells to the toran adds a nice touch of sound just like wind chimes. Don't you feel so? 
The DIY toran using mango leaves is now complete. 

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