Saturday, December 28, 2013

Personalized New Year Pop up Card

Materials Used:
Blue & white card stock
Printed blue scrapbook paper (Designs of your choice)
Alphabet & Number stamps,Balloon stamp,Santa/snowman stamps & sentiment stamps
Light blue ribbon
Sharpie markers
Penguin Sticker
Snow Flake punch

There is always a variety of alternative supplies if you don't have any of them :) So,no worries !! You can still create this card with available supplies.Get inspired and create your own :)
Step 1: Creating pop ups.Fold White card stock into half .For doing this ,score a line with bone folder and fold, by doing it this way you can avoid the paper getting cut.(Read this in a book, so thought I could share it ).Draw the lines  above the fold as shown in the picture below and cut through the vertical lines to create pop ups.

After making the cuts, open the card and push the cuts inside the card to look like below.

Step 2: Creating the front of the card.Take a blue card stock and place a piece of printed paper (about 10 cm ) and a ribbon running through the center of the paper and sticking it at the back as shown in the picture.

Step 3 :Stick the white card stock in the blue card stock with the centers meeting.
Step 4: Take another piece of patterned paper and stick it above the pop up if you don't want white background(Optional step).
Step 5:Stamp some balloons, colour it and stamp each letter in a single balloon ,so together they say "HAPPY NEW YEAR".I directly glued some and used foam adhesive for some to give pop up look.( If you don't want it to do this, you can just draw balloons with markers in the white background.)

Step 6: Add a strip of white card stock to the back of the photograph and 2014 stamped card piece and stick it to the small pop ups.

Step 7 : Creating snow.To do this, tear two sheets of paper randomly and ink the edges with grey marker or ink pad and glue it one above the other .The size of the snow sheet should be small enough to go through the large pop up.Carefully insert the snow through the large pop up and glue it.Also glue it on the other two pop ups of same length.

Step 8: Glue a Santa image or snowman or favorite character of the person whom you are going to send the card, in the large pop up.I used Stamped image of Santa for some and printed image of hamster for some cards.So choice is yours.If you don't get stamps ,take color print outs and cut it along the shape of the character and paste it :).Add some snow flakes here and there to complete the winter scene.

Step 9: Yes !!!! you have reached the final step.Cut a banner in a white card stock and stamp your sentiment in it.Make a zig-zag fold on both the sides and paste it on the ribbon to complete the card. I used some stickers to related with the sentiment but it is totally optional :) Voila !!!!!! you are now ready to send your personalized card to your loved ones.

Happy Card Making :) and Happy New year :) Thank you very much for supporting me !! If you like this post, take a second to click the "Like", "Tweet","Pin it " or "Share" button below this post.It helps me keep motivated.Thank you again.Have a Wonderful year.

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