Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 ways to Customize mobile chargers

Hope the new year is going good for everyone.As a first DIY of the year let us add a bling to your phone chargers and ear phones so that they look unique from others.When two friends have a same mobile brand in a hostel room or two persons in a house have a same mobile brand,there arises confusion.We always think ours is lost somewhere.To avoid this,let us add some embellishments in your favorite color or design .Lets see the various ways of  "How to " add that unique touch to your chargers.
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Bling it :
For this you will need some rhinestones and glue.I used G S Hypo cement. Any strong glue is recommended.
Just add a drop of glue to each rhinestone and place it as you wish.Let it dry for an hour. Bling ! Bling !You are now ready to use.

Tape it :
Use duct tape or washi tape of your favourite design and tape it around the charger and at the ends of the USB .

Paint it:
Use acrylic paint and some adhesive stencil to add your design to the charger.Remove the stencil ,before the paint dries to avoid peeling of paint.

Stick it:
Use any sticker to decorate your charger.I used Martha Stewart stickers used for glass painting.

Monogram it:
Use any permanent marker and draw monogram on your charger.I used sharpie marker and first letter of my name.

Which one is your favourite way of adding uniqueness to your chargers?Will you try any of these?Share with me about your views of embellishing your chargers in the comments below.


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