Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY Image transfer on wood

Do you have a lot of photos sitting idle in your hard disk or computer or Instagram?Do you think you have to spend more to frame your favorite picture and hang it for display??No worries.Here is this simple way to do at your home.Pick your favorite photos and let's get started.

Materials Required:
Wooden plaque
Acrylic gel medium
Foam brush
Laser print of the image to be transferred
Gloss glaze.
Black acrylic paint(Optional)

Step 1:
Reverse your image in any of the photo editing tools(I forgot to do this :P ) and take a laser printout in a normal A4 printer paper (Ink jet print is not recommended for this particular technique).
Step 2 :
Cut the print into the shape of the wooden plaque.Apply a thin coat of acrylic gel medium(I used Liquitex gloss gel medium) over the wooden plaque as well as in the printed image.
Step 3:
Slowly place the image on the wooden plaque.When placing the image ,fold the image into half and place the center and smooth out the image to the corner using a rewards card/old credit card to remove the air bubbles.Let it dry for 8 hours.

Step 4:
Now comes the interesting part !!!!We are going to slowly remove the top layer of paper leaving the ink in the wooden plaque.:)Do this with a patience.Use a damp cloth and wet the surface.Then slowly rub your fingers over it to remove the paper.Do this in circular motions and from inside to outside.

Use a damp cloth and wet the surface.

Removing the paper by rubbing in circular motions

Few pictures in the middle of the rubbing :)
Step 5:
 Voila!!!!!Apply a coating of glaze to seal it.And now you are done!!!!I personally felt a coating of black paint around the edges will give a frame like look,so I painted the round edge of the plaque with black acrylic paint.(This is totally optional)
Before applying the black paint.

After applying the black paint.Which one do you like/prefer?

Few other transfers for your inspiration :
Using the same technique,I did three other photos transfer into different shapes of wooden plaque and have displayed it together in my living room.These photos are all from different occasion like Reception, Nalangu, Exchanging of garlands during my wedding.

I made one for my mother's birthday.Father & Mother into deep discussion :)A shot from my wedding.

Front and back of the wooden plaque.
Hope you enjoyed this post. These make beautiful gifts and also as an great gallery wall if you are doing your own photos like I did. Share what you think in the comments below. 


  1. nice try sahana... looks really good..

  2. I have not ever done a photo transfer to wood. I really like the way it turns out. #HomeMattersParty

  3. Oh I've been wanting to try this on a wood Slice that I have! Thanks for sharing #homemattersparty

  4. I love all of these! I haven't tried doing a photo transfer yet...thanks for the tutorial! #HomeMattersParty

  5. I often think I'll try this, but I haven't gotten to it yet! #HomeMattersParty