Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wooden Clothpin gifts for Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is preparing for Valentine's Day purchasing gifts for your loved ones or crafting gifts for your loved ones like me.I will share with you some crafts with which you can make beautiful and tiny gifts for your love.

1)Tiny trick to say "I Love You" :
Materials used:
Cloth pin
Tiny bit of a normal paper and a piece of card stock
Rubber band
Red acrylic paint

STEP 1 :Cut a normal paper with the measurements as shown in the picture and write your message.Open the cloth pin and put the rubber band at the end to keep it open.Apply glue at the openings.This is the back of our cloth pin.

STEP 2 :
Paste the paper where the glue is applied and leave it to dry.It should look as shown below.

Once it is dry, you can remove the rubber band.Now you can work for the front of the pin.For this,Cut out a heart shape from a piece of red cardstock to write "Open My Heart".If you don't have a red cardstock ,you can use any thick paper like cardstock and colour it in red to write your message.Cut it half ,so that one piece fits on the top part and another on the bottom of the pin.Voila!!! you are done.You can now open to see the cute messgae hidden at the back.:)

You can also paint the cloth pin with red acrylic paint, but it is totally optional.

2)Cloth pin Magnets:

Materials Used:
Cloth pins
Foam stickers
Elmer's glue/Mod podge
Magnetic tape strips/Magnets
Acrylic sealer/hair spray

This cloth pin magnets can be used as fridge magnets to hold pens and grocery lists or can be used in your office desk to hold your documents or pens.So, you can make some of these to gift it to your mother to use in her kitchen or your father or husband to use in their office desk.

Apply mod podge/glue and put some glitter on it and leave it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.Be sure to have a paper under the pin so that you can collect the remaining glitter and use it for the second coat :).Repeat this step for 2 to 3 times till you are satisfied with the result.
Use acrylic sealer or hair spray to seal the glitter.And stick the foam stickers and write your message.
Glue the magnets at the back to use it on fridge or office desk.I used magnetic tape strips as it will lie flat when you adhere it to any metal surface.

Alternate ways :
Instead of glitter,you can also simply paint the wooden pins or glue some patterned paper and attach magnets.
Or if you don't have magnets, you can paint and write the subject names on it to gift the school going children, so that they can use it as a clip to combine their notes subject wise.

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