Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photo Display using Push pins & Corkboard

Normally, We don't see some of our old photos filed in a album on daily basis .It rarely happens when a friend comes home for the first time or some cousins come home ,we turn our albums to see how we were at the small age.I thought ,Why not to display some of those photos as a wall art so that we get to see everyday.Here is how you can do that.
I came up with this idea to use photo calenders of 2013.We printed 2 calenders for 2013 with our photos.As we are not going to use those calenders anymore.I don't want to throw away the calender with our photos.So I cut the photos from that to display it in our room.This is a great project to try on a sunday afternoon.

Materials Used :
Cork board
Push pins
Any kind of thick cord (I used woolen yarn)
Cloth pins
Patterned paper
Foam stickers
Acrylic paint
And some old photos (Of course, you can also print new photos which you wish to display to create this wall art)

Do a little makeover for the wooden cloth pins used to hang your photos.(Just to add a little more interest to the display)
1st method: Apply glue and paste a patterned paper cut out in the same length of the wooden cloth pin.Add some foam stickers and rhinestone to embellish to look more beautiful.

2nd method :
Paint it with a color of your choice and add some stickers.Write some words that denote the emotion of the photo like :Love, joy , happiness,etc.

Now that the cloth pins are ready, we are now going to prepare the cork board to hang the photos.
To do this ,poke five push pins on each side as shown.Take any thick cord (Like cotton cord or wool yarn)and knot it on the 1st push pin and go through each push pin in zigzag manner and knot the cord at the last push pin to secure it .

STEP 3 :

We are done !!!!!Hang the photos in whichever manner you wish using clothpins.Combine two yarn layers to hang the photos if your photos sag.This is perfect when you can't drill holes on the wall and you have a cork board laying around without any good use. You can also poke the push pin in some pattern like a tree or triangle on one side of the board and use the other side of the board to pin your notes or ant other papers.

Alternates for cork board:
Peg board, thermocol sheets or Styrofoam sheets.You can also use a old photo frames.