Saturday, February 15, 2014

Eyeglass Case Makeover

Do you have good eyeglasses and a boring case for it ?Do you avoid wearing your eyeglasses just because you feel shy to take your boring case outside?You got the answer.You can give a beautiful make over to your eyeglasses case and make your friends ask, Hey girl!!Where did you get your eyeglass case ? and be proud to say "I myself made it !".Lets us see ,how to do it.

Materials Required:
Eyeglass case
Fabric of your choice(approx 8 X 8 inch) -I used printed cotton
Glue gun/Any strong glue that doesn't affect fabric.

Step 1: To cut your fabric , keep your case on the wrong side of the fabric and measure 1 inch from all the corners and cut .With this as a pattern prepare another piece.I would recommend using lighter fabric so that it will not be bulky to close your case.
Step 2: Mark and make a slit(as shown) for about 1 cm in the area where your case has hinge(as shown).Remove the inner cover from your case.There is no big deal to remove it but be careful not to tear the inner cover.Be patient and just give a little pull , it will come off.Don't be shocked to see the inner rust area :) both the cases I worked was like that.If you want just wipe it with a damp towel and move on to the next step :)

Step 3: Fold the fabric in the area where you made the slit and insert remaining  fabric inside the cover(as shown).Now glue the folded part and then glue remaining fabric inside the cover (as shown in the picture).I used low temperature glue gun.Work in parts to avoid wrinkles and also to avoid drying of glue.

Step 4: Repeat the same procedure for other side.Glue the inner cover. Voila!!Now you got a new eyeglasses case.

Finished look of back side

Inside look of both the cases I made

Did you like this makeover ??Tell me in the comments below.If you do this makeover, what fabric colour will you chose?
If you like this makeover,feel free to share it, tweet it or pin it in your DIY board.


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