Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to organize plastic bags

Even though "Go Green" is spreading everywhere, still we use plastic bags during our shopping that too mainly a lot during our grocery shopping.As an individual everyone has the responsibility to save our planet earth by avoiding plastic(But that is a difficult part !) and if we use we have to recycle it in a proper way.I reuse grocery bags for garbage bins and what do you use it for ??There are lot many reuse for it but keep in mind to recycle properly :).Now to the organizing part, I hate to save plastic bags inside a big plastic bag and dump it till it overflows.Instead I use the below way to keep it organized neatly.Let us see ,how it is done.

Materials Required :
A whole big bag of dumped plastic bags (The one you already have :))
Carton box (you may also have some shipping boxes from amazon :))
Packing tape
Stay organized!!Check below steps on How to do this :)

Step 1:To make a roll of plastic bags same as your paper towels rolls.Fold your plastic bag in half (as shown) leave the handle of the first bag to peep out and roll the remaining .When you come to the end ,place the handle of the next bag above the first one and roll it over.Repeat this steps and make a roll of bags that fit in your box.If you don't have carton boxes ,you can also use wipes container.

Step 2: Make a small opening with scissors for pulling a bag out and keep the roll inside the box .(As shown).Secure the sides with the packing tape.If you want you can decorate it.To reload the bags roll, open the box on the other side,load it and then secure it with two rubber bands on both the sides, if you don't want to use tape every time.Voila!You can now use this box as your tissue boxes :)

I made two boxes ,one for our guest room and one for our car.It will be very useful to have it in your car during your road trip or unexpected beach trips(especially if you have kids) but again be sure to recycle it properly :).It will also help your guests who stay in your house for one or two days and they may need a bag to put their used clothes :).If you make this where will you have this box ??
Stay Organized !!But don't forget to ReUse-Reduce-Recycle!!!


  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. Hi! this seems like a really great idea. I also reuse plastic bags but currently I just shove them in one of the drawers in my kitchen haha I think I will try this idea!

    1. Thank you :) Share a pic if you try it :)I will be happy to see that :)

  3. That's great idea sweety! All household should try this

  4. Nice, what a great way of organizing the plastic bags, will give it a try [ for me, the hard part is making the plastic bag roll]

    1. Lol ! It seems to be hard to see but once you try it , you will say oh!is that so easy :P .Thank you for the compliments Lakshmi !

  5. A great way to deal with plastic. This will help cut down on the production of plastic bags if everyone does not drop a new bag in the store and throw the old ones in the trash. This is not correct. You need to sort the garbage and then hand it over for recycling .

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