Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Make a Heart bookmark & More

Making a heart bookmark is a very easy and it is a beautiful little gift to give to people of all ages.All you need to make this is paper.Glue is optional if you are going to add anything interesting to the basic heart bookmark.This involves Origami(Ori means "folding" and kami means "paper") technique of folding the paper to make a Heart shaped bookmark.But I can't say this as Origami as I used glue (You will see why ,later in this post) & cutting, so let us call it as Kirigami.(Kiru means "to cut" and  kami means "paper").
Let us start folding :)
Step 1:
Take a square paper (I measured 20 cm ).The rest of the steps is pictured below. 

You are done with the Origami Heart.At this point I felt the back of the heart is full of foldings and a piece of paper glued in the heart shape will give a neat look.So ,I traced the heart in the color paper and glued it.(You can also use a different colour paper & make it a 2 in 1 Bookmark :) ).

And to match the blue custom notebook (Previous tutorial) ,I cut a little collars and a tie in a white paper and glued it.

Below is the closer look of the blue heart bookmark with custom made blue notebook.

Another printed heart bookmark to match the custom pink notebook.When you are using printed paper ,keep printed side as back and follow the above steps.

Or you can just do simple plain red heart bookmark :)

And more...
Corner Bookmark

These bookmark are made by covering a cardboard with white paper and colorful punched hearts .

To do the above bookmark,following are the steps:

Step 1: Create a collage of your favourite books in photoshop or take printout of the book cover picture separately and glue it together .
Step 2: Cut out a cardboard or cardstock of your preferred size and glue the collage.
Step 3: Punch a hole and tie a ribbon .Hurray!!!You are done.

This bookmark was done when I only had two cardstock(Red & blue) and I wanted to do something different and finally got inspired from my half zipped Hoodie inside by closet.Inspirations are around you,everywhere! You only need the right eye to get inspired :)So I would say,

 " Look around!!Get Inspired !!!Have fun crafting!!"


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